Guitar Lessons London Website Update

The first juicy glimpse of the Guitar Lessons London website! It looks fantastic, great work once again by 1010 Media!

Guitar Lessons UK Draft Design
Guitar Lessons London prototype design

Currently scheduling to launch to launch at the end of September Guitar Lessons London will hopefully be developed into the most valued guitar lessons website in the capital, providing guitarist from beginners to advanced with tabs, tips and online videos – as well as an all important local guitar tutor – to accelerate the learning process, even dare I say making it fun along the way!

I am looking forward to a meeting tomorrow with Andy of 1010 Media to discuss the prototype and begin to test the local sites. Really excited about it, great news! The Google lag on the sites means it will be 6-18 months before the sites start to reach the top of Google Page Rankings – so the quicker I get building the better! Can’t wait until the testing phase is over and I can start building them! 😀

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Guitar Lessons London Website Update
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