MGR Music Tuition Website Redevelopment
MGR Music Tuition Website Redevelopment
MGR Music Tuition Website Redevelopment

The time has come for me to completely re-design the MGR Music Tuition LTD website after many years of it taking a backseat. So concentrated on developing the location websites this overarching website project had been placed on the back burner. However, thanks to three new purposes of this website the time had come to re-develop it. I am keen that it will begin to represent the brand of MGR Music Tuition to potential teachers, provide a platform to enable current teachers to perform admins tasks more easily and create an online community for teachers to communicate with one another on.

This is to continue to build on the fantastic success of the Singing Teachers Facebook Group and the added value that that adds to the network of teachers across the UK in sharing best practise, providing support and opportunities to develop. As many of you know being a music teacher can be quite an isolating career choice, as though other music teachers operate in an area often music teachers view them as competition. Thankfully as we operate on national level we can draw together like minded music teachers enabling to share with each other journey of being a music teacher, the highs and the lows, in a way that is non-competitive and entirely constructive.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a teacher here at MGR Music Tuition LTD please don’t hesitate to check out the Music Teacher Jobs page or email me directly via the contact page. I hope you like the website update and it will provide a foundation to grow the brand of MGR Music in its own right.

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MGR Music Tuition Website Redevelopment
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Great to have Simon Telford, a music teacher based in Nottingham, join our mgrmusic community #oboelessonsnottingham #mgrmisuc

Wonderful to have Jenny Smith, a piano & flute teacher from Wantage, onboard #mgrmusic #pianoteacher #fluteteacher

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