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Brian Beresford is an experienced and knowledgeable guitar teacher and composer, who was a headteacher of Primary Schools in Lancashire and North Yorkshire for 20 years. Brian has composed and published songs ideally suited to children and beginner learners performing in groups – with many of his musicals being performed by children within his school and warmly received by the parents who have enjoyed watching these performances.

With several nationally acclaimed works, including Samson Power and Arthur’s Knights and the Dragon, Brian has published a collection of guitar songs named A Feast for Guitars specifically aimed at helping younger learners to “play with others and to develop an appreciation of guitars played in harmony”.

The book helps to facilitate this with three part pieces, that have been described by Neil Smith from the Classical Guitar Magazine as “ideal for early ensemble material”. There are 10 pieces in total, all ideal to perform in concerts or assemblies – with Bristol based guitar teacher Graham Sothcott reflecting that A Feast for Guitars is a “very useful book, not only for young classical students but students of the acoustic and electric guitar also”.

These resources might provide an ideal solution for guitar teachers looking to source material for group guitar lessons and performances. For further details of A Feast for Guitar, including more short examples of the pieces, please go to Brian’s dedicated website: onemoretime.biz.

Example Music from A Feast for Guitars:

Example Music

A Feast for Guitars can be ordered using PayPal from the website (onemoretime.biz) or from Forsyth’s (Manchester) music shop or website. Brian’s website has many of his previous works for sale, enabling you to explore more music that might suit your requirements as a music teacher.

Indeed, you can also contact Brian directly to talk with him more about how his works might help your music students to develop – you can reach him on [email protected].

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