Anyone Can Play GuitarĀ – Podcast

We are delighted to share with you one of the best new music podcasts out there. Anyone Can Play Guitar is the podcast for music lovers and aspiring musicians that goes behind the scenes of the music business. Season 1 of the show includes 40 great episodes with superb guests ranging from chart-topping artists to industry experts.

The ACPG hosts Ben and James shine some light on the many pitfalls and opportunities associated with life as a musician and get some real insights on topics covering songwriting, fandom, record deals, radio play, music promotion and more. You can listen below to one of their Season 1 episodes that features an interview with Frank Turner, covering everything from his thoughts on live performing, philosophy and what success looks like for modern musicians.

If you like what you hear then you can find more episodes at and be sure to leave a rating and review where you get your podcasts from. For Season 2 we will be featuring updates and some of the new episodes on this website, showcasing this fantastic podcast to students and music teachers alike. We can’t wait to share this with you!

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