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You can use the search form above to find banjo teachers in the national music teacher database. These banjo teachers provide professional lessons and are located across the UK and beyond. To search simply enter your postcode and select “Banjo” as your instrument of choice.

Alternatively, we have several different music hubs based in the UK. You can use the list below to as quick links off to these local music hubs:


If you are still unable to find what you are looking for then please do contact us directly on [email protected].

Skype Banjo Lessons

John Oswin - Skype Banjo Teacher
John Oswin – our expert online banjo teacher

In addition to these local music hubs, professional banjo teacher John Oswin offers online banjo lessons. John has over 30 years teaching experience, having taught in schools, colleges and universities. He is a qualified teacher, having gained Diploma of Music with the Open University (dip mus).

John offers Skype Banjo Lessons to students based in the UK and internationally. This is ideal for banjo students who are located in rural areas or have limited access to high-quality banjo tuition. Online Banjo Lessons are possible with today’s technology, opening up new opportunities for learners to work with teachers like John.

His immense experience as a banjo player is extremely valuable to banjo players around the world. Indeed, his YouTube channel has over 3,500 subscribers ( To find out more about online banjo lessons don’t hesitate to get in touch with John on [email protected]. You can explore with him whether it is the right way of learning for you, as well as if you have the right computer setup to facilitate Skype Banjo Lessons. It is certainly worth testing out as a style of learning to ensure that you are taking banjo lessons with the best possible banjo teachers.

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Typical banjo lessons cost between £25 and £35 per hour. The price depends on the teacher and is influenced by other factors, for example, whether the teacher provides mobile banjo lessons to the students home.

If you are struggling to find a local banjo teacher in your area please email us on [email protected]. We will reach out to local banjo teachers in your area and invite them to become part of the national music teacher database.

Banjos are a traditional instrument with a long history. They come in several different types, including the 4-string banjo, the 5-string banjo and the 6-string banjo. There are also more unusual variations, for example, the 12-string banjo.

The most popular banjo setup is the 5-string. The majority of the teachers who offer banjo lessons provide lessons on the 5-string banjo.

You can read more about the history of the banjo and the differences between setups in this article: Banjos: How to Choose.