Best Guitar Blogs 2019

After the success of 2018’s Best Guitar Blogs post, we’ve gone to our expert panel of guitar teachers and asked them for their thoughts on guitar blogs to watch out for in 2019. We’ve listed the top 15 blogs that we think you should check out and get involved with. In no particular order, here is what they’ve told us.

String Kick

String Kick ( is a fantastic, easy to use lesson resource full of great guides and insights for guitar players of all abilities. You can learn everything from barre chords and strumming patterns right up to playing by ear and music theory. If you can imagine it, these guys probably have a lesson about it. It’s a one stop shop for students and teachers alike.

Jazz Guitar Online

If you’ve ever wanted to get started with Jazz guitar but don’t know where to start, this is a great online resource. Jazz Guitar Online ( even offer you a free eBook just for visiting the website. Its jam packed with chords, licks, lessons and everything jazz!


Reverb is fast becoming a paradise for the gear geeks among us, though most of us are regulars on the site for their buy and sell sections as we hunt for the latest toy for our collection, they also have a great blog which is full of fantastic news, reviews, gear history, demos and so much more. If you like reading about new and old gear alike, check this blog out. The Reverb blog ( is jam packed with tips, tricks, reviews, news and everything else to encourage your inner guitar geek.


StewMac provide luthier tools and guitar parts galore but for the budding luthiers or techs out there, the StewMac blog ( a bible for guitar maintenance. If you want to learn how to refinish a guitar or change tuning pegs, you can find it all here. They let everyone in on the trade secrets of the guitar building world. If you’ve ever wanted to customize an existing guitar or you’ve been curious about learning how things work so you can build your own, this resource will see you through.

Eddies Guitars

Eddies Guitar’s is actually a store based in the USA, but the blog ( is a guitarists paradise. They post regular write ups and high res photos of some of the most stunning, high end guitars you could possibly imagine. You will find some gorgeous guitar photos here, it’s a great collection of high end dream guitars.


Guitarz ( is the original and longest running guitar blog out there. It’s been serving the guitar community since 2002 and is full of fun articles such as “The Strangest Guitars on Craiglist” and some interesting eBay builds. It’s the home of everything weird and wonderful.

Guitar Tricks

Aside from being one of the biggest online providers of educational lesson content for guitarists, Guitar Tricks also have a huge blog area ( with lessons from guest tutors, music theory workshops, gear talk and quizzes. Check out the recently published guest lesson from MGR Head of Content, Leigh, on Ear Training.

Guitar Fella

If you are looking for a one stop shop that will help you purchase your next guitar, or perhaps one of your students is looking for something specific but doesn’t know where to start, Guitar Fella ( is filled with great posts covering gear choices for all ages, abilities and budgets. If it’s your first or 30th guitar or amp, check out Guitar Fellas guide to buying. Once you pick your instrument category and price point, you can see a range of guitars to suit your criteria and full reviews of these.

Find the Tone

Find the Tone ( is an in-depth guide to getting the most out of your guitar amp. Guitar players are quick to spend money on guitars and pedals but often neglect the importance of a high-quality amplifier. This site will give you a run down on why the amp is important, how to make your amp sound great without anything else and advice for buying amplifiers.

My Guitar Workshop

My Guitar Workshop ( an online community containing hundreds of user submitted video lessons. This includes everything from basics to advanced techniques and full song runthroughs. There is something in this fantastic community for every player to enjoy and you can even get involved with the community spirit and upload your own content for others to learn and benefit from.

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jazz is one of the most complex styles to learn on guitar so it’s no surprise to find that fantastic resources to learn this style are few and far between. Fortunately, Jazz Guitar Lessons ( is one of the great ones. It’s full of lessons and eBooks to take you from amateur to jazz pro.

Guitar Sound Guru

This blog is dedicated to the guitar amp. It will help you choose an amp to match your needs and provides in depth reviews of small amps that are perfect for your home, bedroom or teaching space all the way up to small amps that you can use for jamming or gigging. Guitar Sound Guru ( help you bring out the best in your tone.

Best Beginner Guitar Today

If you’re ever asking yourself the question “What is the best…?” and wondering what competition that item has, check this out. Best Beginner Guitar Today ( is full of best of lists. Everything from wireless systems to best guitars for jazz. It even has a bunch of handy tips on playing, guitar maintenance and mistakes to avoid.


Guitarkadia ( an intimate look at the person behind the guitar. If you’re interested in the personality behind the player this is a great website to check out. The website was started by a New York filmmaker named Emon Hassan and digs deeper in the the person behind the playing. You can find great visual content from a PRS Factory Tour to an interview with someone making their own slide guitars.


If you live on the faster side of the fretboard, check out Shredaholic ( This is the place for all things fast and shredding. You can find lessons on increasing your speed and shred theory, articles and reviews, tech talk and everything else a budding shredder could need.

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