Database Profile Update

To add, edit, remove any content from your database profile please submit a ticket below. You are welcome to send through new profile images, media and links as well by emailing them to [email protected]. Please note this will not automatically update your profile page, instead our support team will review the changes and confirm once the amendments have been made.

The more information that you provide in the form below the quicker we can implement changes, for example should you want us to add information to a specific section of the profile like the "Teacher's Biography" or "Music Qualifications / Achievements" please reference this in the ticket below.

If you do not have a database profile, enabling you to gain new student enquiries, simply fill out the sign up form here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I edit my profile directly?

We verify and check all the information that we add to teacher profiles before adding it live to the website, ensuring the accuracy of our teacher listings and preventing spam submissions. This process doesn't take long and profiles are often updated within 2 working days of an amendment submission.

I have moved location, can I move my profile listing to the new location?

Yes, absolutely - just let us know your new teaching address postcode and we can update the listing location for you. 

How can I delete my database profile?

Just submit a ticket above entitled "Delete my database profile" and we will remove your database profile. Your community profile will also be deleted upon this request.