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Dealing with Autism (All Teachers)

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    Wes Bond

    Hi Guys

    So I have just taken on a new student who has quite severe autism. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on extremely simple songs as well as exciting fast paced excersizes that I could do with him so that he enjoys his lessons and doesn’t get bored and also so that I can keep his attention.

    I’ve dealt with Autism before but not quite this severe. He understands what he is doing most of the time he just can’t keep focused long enough to do anything.

    Thanks in advance


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    Beckie Tunnicliffe
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    Have you asked him about what songs he would like to do or what his favourite songs are? That’s what I have found has got my student with autism to connect to the song – I get him to do one of the Grade 1 songs and then he also does ‘Girl On Fire’…I know that’s a difficult song but he loves to sing it! 🙂

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