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Lesson Lengths – Do 45 Minute Lessons Really Work? (All Teachers)

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    Phil Schneider

    I introduced two lengths 60 or 45 minutes lessons. I now have more 45s. I cant figure out if i get more students paying less or fewer students paying more. Would the 45 minuters have gone elsewhere or would they have paid for the 60mins Anyone got similar experiences ?

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    Matthew Rusk

    This is a great question, Eliza Fyfe down in Bristol is convinced that 45 mins works better as you can fit more students in paying a relatively higher per hour price across an evenings teaching. I guess it all comes down to price points and whether the 45 minute lesson is weighted higher per hour than the per hour lesson if that makes sense. So x4 45 min lessons @£25 = £100 and x3 60 min lessons @£30 = £90, means that the 45 min lessons works out better for the teacher across 3 hours teaching.
    I also found 45 min lessons worked really well for teenage students (although I know you don’t teach them) as 45 mins was just about the right amount of time that they really concentrated for. I think it might be linked to schools like mine where 50 min lessons were the norm.

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    Phil Schneider
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    I think the price point thery is correct having two price point gives more options. I am having a higher uptake ot this 45 length. Suitable for beginners too.

    Not mentioned is if I can fit in an extra student it means the dreaded cancelations are a smaller percent of lost income.

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