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Perfectionist Student (All Teachers)

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    Beckie Tunnicliffe

    Hi everyone,

    I currently teach a young girl (secondary school age) who we have found is a bit of a perfectionist! It has affected her grade exams (not completing the exam because of one minor slip in the first song) and now her parent has pulled her out of my Christmas show this week as in her lesson this week she was on the verge of having a panic attack about “how it doesn’t sound right”

    I’ve tried telling her that we all make mistakes and that the results don’t define her, but does anyone else have any tips that I could try when I see her again in the New Year?

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    Veronica Wakeling
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    Depending on her ability to digest technique,forget voice and tell her to use her voice as a tool box,perfecting each technique,one by one,then voice will look after itself.It works with mine ,but most are older…

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