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Teaching From Rented/Hired Property (All Teachers)

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    Lily Moharrer

    Hi guys!

    Just wanted some advice off anyone who teaches outside of their homes and is renting/hiring a space. We’re growing bigger up in Leeds and it’s something we’re looking into.

    DISCUSS! I want all your knowledge haha 🙂

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    Phil Schneider
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    Hi there are some legal niceties in working from home here are some points from a government website the Bottom line is you may be uninsured,breaking planing laws and breaking your rental agreement.
    Q: Do I need planning permission?
    A: You’ll need planning permission to base your business at
    home if you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions:
    will your home no longer be used mainly as a private residence?
    will your business result in a marked rise in traffic or people calling?
    will your business involve any activities that are unusual in a residential area?
    will your business disturb the neighbours at unreasonable hours or create other forms of nuisance such as noise or smells?
    If your house is pretty much going to remain a house, with your business quietly accommodated within it, then permission shouldn’t be required. If you’re unsure, contact your local council to seek their views. http://www.planningportal.gov.uk
    Q: Do I need to tell the local authority I’m working from home?
    A: This depends on whether you pass the planning test. If you need planning permission, you’ll have to inform your local authority.
    Q: Do I need to tell the landlord?
    A: Yes, it’s best to let them know that you will be working from home. The good news is that the government announced on 1 November 2010 that social landlords should review any contracts prohibiting people from running a business from home.
    Q: Do I need to inform my mortgage provider?
    A: Yes, it’s best to let them know – even though it shouldn’t
    mean any change in the mortgage repayment.
    Q: What about my insurance provider? Do they need to know?
    A: Yes, do inform your insurance company. Tell them about the equipment and stock you have at home. An upgrade from a domestic to a business policy is not usually expensive so don’t be put off in making this call. Your insurance provider is likely to recommend that you also take out public liability insurance in case anyone who comes to visit suffers an injury


    Eliza Jane Fyfe
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    Such a coincidence that I opened up this thread just as I was on the phone to my business insurance renewing my policy! 😉


    Lily Moharrer
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    Thank you guys! All this info has helped so so much. Still unsure on whether it is a good idea yet or not. Am currently teaching from a spare room/studio in my home but wanting to expand. Maybe it’s too soon.

    Thanks again!
    All the best xxx

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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