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Teaching Students How To Harmonise (Singing Teachers)

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    Wes Bond

    Hi guys!

    Students can always improve but I am aware that there comes a time when students become very good at singing melodies to songs but have no idea how to sing harmonies or even what a harmony is. I like to mix things up a bit and for those students who are good singers give them a bit of an extra challenge.

    So I was wondering what kinds of excersizes/techniques you guys use to teach harmonies?

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    Eliza Jane Fyfe
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    Great question! I am the harmony queen (!) and my students probably think I’m weirdly obsessed with getting them to chuck a harmony on to every bloody chorus they record in a song!

    However, I could really do with finding out about harmony exercises! I should know this as a choir leader too… I have done some scales in harmony (e.g. I sing G-G and get the student to sing the 3rd above, then we swap) and teach a bit of theory… that’s it really!

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