Hello to all! Welcome to the Music Teachers’ Forum, a space to share support, network and have fun with other music teachers located across the globe.

If you have a question, from how to deal with lesson cancellations to the best resources for your lessons, that you would like other music teachers to help you with don’t hesitate to post it here.

Please note: although this is a closed group, it is not a private group. For Questions / Support / To Report Abuse – please email:Send Mail

Welcome to the mgrmusic.com Community (All Teachers)

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    Matthew Rusk

    Hello and welcome to the mgrmusic.com Community. My name’s Matthew and it is fantastic to have join this group of teachers who are located right across the UK, as well as beyond. Teachers who are able to tutor a huge array of different music instruments, to students of all ages and abilities.

    It is a group that I would love you to be able to share ideas of best practice, so for example what to do about lesson cancellations and other challenges that all music teachers ultimately face, as well as maybe resources, articles and videos that other music teachers might find interesting.

    Feel free to comment below to introduce yourself to the group, perhaps where you come from and the instruments that you teach. Ultimately, get involved with the community – reach out to fellow music teachers to let them know the problems that maybe you face within your music tuition business and offer support and advice to other music teachers who perhaps ask those questions.

    If you are interested in contacting me directly with any problems or anything that you want to raise within the group, feel free just to message the group directly ([email protected]).

    Ultimately, I really hope you enjoy this community and get to know other music teachers in what can be quiet an isolated profession – in the sense that may of us teach privately at home and obviously engage heavily with our students, but find it quite hard to reach out to other music teachers both within our city and beyond. I think there is real value in being able to connect – often other teachers have the same challenges that we face, so being able to gain that peer support I think has huge value for one another.

    Thanks for listening and I look forward to chatting with you more on the platform!

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    Kat Hunter
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    Hey everyone!
    Cool space – I’m looking forward to all the vocal nerd chats we can have here. Woohoo!


    Wes Bond
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    This is cool 🙂 Like the layout of it all! Makes everything easy. Great Idea!

    I am Wes, a singing teacher based in Nottingham.


    Eliza Jane Fyfe
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    Hi Matthew! Eee I’m so excited about it all! Hi everyone, I am a singing teacher based in Bristol!

    The website is great, as well as the ideas going forward.

    This is a fabulous idea. I miss forums. Takes me back to the early noughties!

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