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  • 16.2.18

    Mama Told Me Not To Come:
    – Learn to say “crazy questions”
    – Don’t be too strained in verses as they’re not too high. Sounds like you’re over-breathing/tensing up! Try it with an effortlessly speaking level, yet soulful!
    – Great run through together!

  • 24.2.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Don’t be scared of the loud belting! Hold note on E, try for F
    – Loosen up!

    Hey There Delilah:
    – Great work with the edit – here it is below!
    – We’ll get Emilia to add harmonies…

    Choose your Greatest Showman duet piece for next time!

  • 24.2.18

    Where Ghandi Walked:
    – Well done with your first recording – we will re-record next time to improve guitar (changing that D to G in the Chorus)
    – To make it longer, either slow it down or double all the verses! (Or both)
    – Already sounds better slower as we can hear the…[Read more]

  • 24.2.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Try not to slide up to the starting note
    – No glottal stop

    – Not sliding too far on “bones” and the other words
    – Well done with your re-recording – much improved already!
    – Especially well done for those on-the-spot harmonies! Have a listen…
    – Spend timing learning the “it’s true”…[Read more]

  • 24.2.18

    Eyes Closed (Stripped version):
    – You can definitely sing it in this key!
    – Careful with the 3 note runs on “seem” and make sure it’s pitch perfect when singing with Halsey
    – Here are the chords (and use the video to help)

    Bm C G G x 2
    (Double time) Bm C G G Em D C C
    Em C G G x 2

    – Watch out for the inversions
    – Add bass notes when…[Read more]

  • 24.2.18

    Arrangement Ideas:
    – In The Air Tonight (we can make this all nice and piano-y)
    – How You Remind Me (possibly mash with Boulevard Of Broken Dreams)
    – Uninvited

    Think about whether you’ll play piano yourself?!

    Soldier’s Poem:
    – Beautifully finished! See below 🙂

  • 23.2.18

    Audition piece: Just Around The Corner:

    Actually learn the song, before I can help you sound your best at it!

  • 23.2.18

    Love On Top:
    – Try it G as below – if you get on with it just as choruses I’ll make a fuller version!

    Think of some rock songs to try 🙂

    Think about some group songs you’d like to arrange if I put this girl group together…

  • 23.2.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Watch out for the “h” (would rather your voice cracks) and leftover air at the end of the note
    – Vowel scales, switch to “Ma”

    La Frontera:


    Hoy vuelvoala frontera
    Otra vese dia, travesarsh
    Es el viento que me manda
    Que mempu-ujala frontera (j = h, second “u” goes up)
    Y que borra el camino-Que
    Detrás desa…[Read more]

  • 22.2.18

    Great work with nearly finishing Ain’t Nobody!

    Just listen to my Whatsapp recording to learn the middle section which we’ll record next time

  • 22.2.18

    Bridge Over Troubled Water:
    – Great work on dynamics today (and making me weep!)
    – Great adding of harmonies (keep going with it if you can, listen to mine on Soundcloud if you want some ideas)
    – Watch out for flat/sharp notes when recording at home – do a fresh take focussing on these points where you’re likely to drift
    – Rein it in for…[Read more]

  • 22.2.18

    What If:
    – Really great work on this – it sounds fab so don’t worry – your high notes are fine in head voice and still sound good!
    – Work on the connecting sections using the recorded bits on your phone to help
    – Go for that octave higher D at the end because it really does sound brilliant so don’t doubt yourself!

    GOOD LUCK for the audition!

  • 21.2.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Bring the na/yeah sound into vowel sounds so you can add more power to chest voice

    Too Good At Goodbyes:
    – Great run through, just make sure you bring in more chest voice and keep the lines strong till the end
    – Practice to this below track (without the…[Read more]

  • 21.2.18

    – Focussed ear training lessons PLUS recording your notes
    – Pitch and melodic recall
    – Moving melody with your hand THEN singing
    – Using bits of melody from A Little Respect with the above techniques

    Go back to learning I Get A Kick Out Of You

    New songs to try:
    – Caravan by Ella Fitzgerald (Semitonal nightmare!)
    – All Of Me
    – Slow Boat…[Read more]

  • 21.1.18

    New cover!
    Crazy In Love:
    – Work on playing it in that style and then learning the melody separately, nice and slowly!
    – Learn the rap, then sing-rap it!

    Open mic on 1st March 🙂

  • 21.2.18

    New Covers:
    – Don’t Kill My Vibe
    – Something Just Like This (G A Bm) from finger picking to rhythmic chords in the chorus
    – Adele – A Million Years Ago?

    Old Covers:
    – Jazz/Soul – look at Song Catalogue
    – Sorry

    Refer back to plan:
    2018 Plan:
    – Piano
    – Beginner Theory (Aim for Grade 5 later)
    – A song idea a week, finished song per month…[Read more]

  • 20.2.18

    Great first live take – let’s do a full take with more time and without my mistakes (sorry)

    – Work on the high bit – it’s not as high as you think but can go higher if you want it to!

    I have tidied up the piano backing track so you have something to practice…[Read more]

  • 20.2.18

    Warm Ups/Technique:
    – When transitioning into falsetto, as it’s low it doesn’t need to be loud or with more air, so keep it light and soft, then add a bit more power when it gets really high!
    – Na/yeah to help get that twangy clarity!
    – Make some of your vowels more like and “eh” with a smile!

    Perfect – Take 2:
    – SO much…[Read more]

  • 20.2.18

    Great improvement to Fallin’ in the lower key – a lot less polite! 😉

    Have a think about what you want to return to/start new!

  • 19.2.18

    – Really beautiful – listen below so far. Work on dynamics – not all your energy in the first verse! This was already improved in the lesson
    – Loving the harmonies already! Think about some higher ones to try, especially with your higher chorus for later!
    – Great focus on tuning for the changes to head voice (in the…[Read more]

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