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  • 25.5.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Vowel scales a cappella – very good
    – Bella Senora Lucky 7 a cappella – much better!
    – Na/Yeah scales a cappella and finding the note on your own

    She Used To Be Mine:
    – Rhythm much improved
    – Keep going over the “she” bit in the chorus – especially “She is messy but she’s kind
    She is lonely most of the time” – same “sh…[Read more]

  • 25.5.18

    Beyond The Sea:
    – Learn words – basically there after today – well done!

    – Great start to this although a little on the high side – still got the notes though!
    – Watch the beats between each line (6 beats, sometimes 5 or 7)
    – Use this karaoke but follow lyrics…[Read more]

  • 24.5.18

    Beyond The Sea – for the showcase
    – Sounds great! Ad lib at the end is great
    – Learn some swing dancing 😉 check out some Youtube videos to help you! Lindy Hop

    – …Magnificent yet again!

    At Last – Cyndi Lauper version (in Bb)
    – This will be a lovely idea for a showcase / WEDDING!

    Chords: Bb Bb6 Bb2add4 F6/C

  • 24.5.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Bella Senora Lucky 7 mixed up (go over broken chord and semitones more – 4th and 6th pattern)

    – Great edits – we will add harmony repeats next time!

  • 24.5.18

    – Don’t forget it’s 3 beats before the arpeggios
    – Go over 4ths more

    – Make sure you don’t start too sharp (just bass supporting you in the first half of the 1st verse, so listen carefully!)
    – Make sure you open your mouth and throat a bit more so it doesn’t go too nasal

    Make You Feel My Love:
    – Work on ad lib (intro…[Read more]

  • 24.5.18

    – Great work recording vocals today and even doing some layering and harmonising… we shall carry on next time, keep practising and try out some harmony ideas yourself

  • 23.5.18

    Black Coffee:
    – Higher version below – see how low notes (and high!) feel
    – Build dynamics and intensity

    Lilac Wine:
    – Sounds great as ever, just think about dynamics

    Love Me Or Leave Me:
    – Great song technically for you to work on – careful with every jumpy syllable and…[Read more]

  • 23.5.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Octave jumps

    One Day Like This:
    – Sing along with me but the octave below where it says on your notes
    – You handled the octave changes well as the lesson went on
    – Get the flow of the rhythm of the words (which incidentally the boys all struggled with in choir tonight!)

  • 22.5.18

    The Heart Is A Muscle:

    Intro & Verse:
    B Abm7 B E9 (hand in same position, only lose the Ab when it’s on B)

    Abm7 E9 B2 B2

    B E9 Abm-Gb-E (normal position for last 3)

    We will finish bridge chords next time!

    Sing along when chords aren’t needing much thought!

  • 21.5.18

    Harmony Practice:
    – Goodnight Sweetheart: Flatten 3rd in B section if you wish! You are the definer of the chord, making it minor at this point of going to the Eb (3 steps)
    – One Day Like This: Verse 1: Low, Verse 2: High, Chorus: Low, Verse 3: High (Tenor) Chorus 2: Low
    – Without Time: Great work correcting melody – much better!

  • 21.5.18

    Warm Ups:
    – When going up higher a cappella, be confident in lifting all the notes higher!
    – Comparing tone “ah” to “na/yeah”

    – Great work double and triple tracking! We shall continue tweaking next time – and add harmonies!

  • 21.5.18

    Believe Recording:
    – Sounds great but the EQ was just super high frequencies for some reason!

    There’s Nothing Holding me Back:
    – Have emailed you the MIDI file to import into Garageband. See if you can record more piano
    – Learn extra bits from video

    BPM – 110
    Slow it down to 90 to record

  • 19.5.18

    Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly:
    – Like the tune, better when in a higher key and allows you to practice belting and getting that nicely pronounced, twangy sound!

    Pink – Who Knew
    – Same as above!

    How You Remind Me / Boulevard Of Broken Dreams / Smells Like Teen Spirit:
    – Nickelback chorus works best with a lower harmony I think… makes i…[Read more]

  • 19.5.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Pentatonic Scale – used throughout Feeling Good going up the pentatonic scale from the start (practice it on your main page and get used to the gaps between the notes as you’ll need these for certain melody patterns and runs)

    Feeling Good – Am (emailed):
    – Comes straight in, other than that the track is the same as Muse’s…[Read more]

  • 19.5.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Bella Senora: Push up to F in chest voice – each part of the syllable!

    Thinking Out Loud:
    – Keep practising that belted F on the start of each line of the chorus
    – Work on the runs

    – Sounding really good! Your recording so far is below
    – Great mic technique!
    – Go for it more with “baby” before the chorus!
    – Work on…[Read more]

  • 19.5.18

    Warm Up notes (date, what you do, what you discovered!)

    Warm Ups:
    – Bella Senora: Start high (G maybe) gradually come down using piano to help… all the way down to D
    – Practice the yawn sound for the low notes

    Hard Times:
    – Much better when you sang it more effortlessly and playfully!
    – Only add more power to the really high notes
    -…[Read more]

  • 19.5.18

    At Last:
    – Use the sheet music for notes
    – Listen to Etta James for the feel of the rhythm
    – Add your own style
    – Don’t forget the runs
    – Lovely vibrato!

    Sing with the backing track I emailed to you, as well as the sheet music 🙂

  • 12.5.18

    Hide & Seek:
    – Start listening to the below and singing along with some harmonies

    And for a live version, to see how she does it:

    More Than Words:
    – Great work with the chorus! Here is your recording from…[Read more]

  • 12.5.18

    Warm Ups:
    – Bella Senora Slides – slow them down and really build up some strength here

    Days In The Sun:
    – Definitely a challenge for tone and range due to the changing voices!

    How Does A Moment Last Forever:
    – This was a lot easier as it’s one voice and you seem to know it better
    – Work through each section as we did today, making sure…[Read more]

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