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Hello, my name is

Fabiola Guerra

I am based in the city of


In the country of


Here is a little bit about me...

I am a Maestro of piano I accomplished my diploma of pianoforte at the Music Conservatory of Padua “C.Pollini”, in Italy. I started my path of music education when in secondary school, and I continued it alongside high school, and Psychology university, managing to achieve my Master’s in Clinical Psychology and my Classical music diploma nearly at the same time. Hence, Music has been a constant in my life and helped me to adquire a wide range of skills that goes beyond playing piano. Because of this reason I support the importance of Music in education, as a form of expression and as such, a contribution to differently shape out thoughts and ideas.

I started teaching music because...

During my studies of Music and Psychology I realized how the relationship with a piano teacher is more than an academic situation. Because of the solitary nature of the instrument, the ability of shifting between the dyad student-piano and the tryad student-piano-teacher, requires mentoring skills and not just technical knowledge. The importance of containing the music learning is particularly relevant when working with children. Being the best pianist in the world doesn’t make you able to communicate with children if you don’t understand their language. My psychological interest in working with children and in understanding the learning process perfectly match my passion with music, and the combination of these factors lead me to teach piano.

The music that really inspires me is...

our breathing.

I teach the following instrument(s):


Fabiola Guerra

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