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Hello, my name is Georgi Valentine Ivanov. My journey with music began at the age of three, as a soloist in coir. It wasn’t long until the coir was touring around my home country Bulgaria. At the time music was something that followed me like a shadow and didn’t really see it as something I could pursue. A few years later my family moved to the UK and once again I found myself experimenting with bands. This time I committed myself and wanted to share my love for music performance especially rock and metal. After finishing school I decided to expand my knowledge of my instrument (Vocals) with the simple purpose of doing something I loved and treasured. I continued my study of singing in BIMM Bristol, this time period was inspiring and at the same time challenging. Meeting people and working with musicians was fun and enlightening, thriving of the interaction led me to discover some amazing and talented individuals.

During my time at BIMM, I began freelancing as a tech at Pirate Studios, this involved fixing equipment, stock checks, and preparing each studio for the next customer. Over the weekends I toured the UK with an AC/DC tribute band, in this position I was in charge of the gear set-up, lights, and in some occasions sound. This, however, was not something that truly fulfilled me. My band Mother Vulture desired to tour with our original material, at this moment I was given an opportunity to apply everything I’ve learned. As the vocalist of the band, I worked closely on lyrics and melodies within our compositions. In turn, I got to perform at some fantastic shows.

Music engulfed my life for the majority, however just like anyone else I enjoyed other activities. Swimming, drawing, streaming, and reading were the hobbies that really helped me out when things got tough or needed a break from music. Some of my favorite movies are Shutter Island and LaLa Land, as far as series go, Stranger Things is my go-to. I’ve always been interested in having a pet, however, due to the nature of my work I don’t spend a lot of time at home. This, of course, is very important when you have a pet, perhaps in the future, there will be time and my pet of choice would be a Pug or French Bulldog.


I started teaching music because...

I felt like it was time to share some of the techniques and approaches to singing that I’ve learned over the years. Specifically, the dynamic between clean vocals and harshes tones, people were curious about how that balance works, and like anything that is worthwhile, it is a challenging concept to teach and explain. A lot of the vocal styles I use were complex on their own, combining them was a whole other world entirely. When interacting with different techniques I found it difficult to find the right teacher, most of the time vocal teachers that I worked with were very specialised and had to go through multiple musicians in order to learn everything I required as a rock singer. Overall I am hoping to do the opposite of that and close the gap between the two by offering different approaches depending on which area of vocals the student wishes to develop.

The music that really inspires me is...

I grew up on a mixture of The Beatles, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Guns n Roses, and Elvis Presley. This was due to my grandfather’s music collection, I would sit next to the stereo for hours every day listening to CD’s. However it didn’t stop there, one of the first devices I received as a present was a Sony Walkman, rewinding cassettes with a pencil was a familiar feeling after owning one of them. However my love for other music was also present, I started listening to rap and balladeer music such as Mac Miller, Frank Sinatra. My all-time favorite would be Slash’s Snakepit and their album It’s 5 O Clock Somewhere.

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Mainly singing mixed with (Piano)

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