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Hello, my name is

Harry Sayers

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United Kingdom

Here is a little bit about me...

Hi, I’m Harry, a professional musician specialising in guitar and bass. I’m passionate about giving other people a creative environment and the right guidance to allow them to find the same joy and excitement that I find in making music and playing an instrument.

I’ve been playing guitar and bass for well over 10 years, and working as a professional musician for the last 5 years, performing at hundreds of weddings, corporate events and festivals, as well as touring the UK and Northern Europe!

I’m completely self-taught in all aspects of music (despite being highly qualified!), and I believe that there is no ‘right way’ to play an instrument, just the ‘best way’ for that individual. It’s my mission as a teacher to help foster a love of learning, and provide enough encouragement and guidance to allow students to find a style that works for them and brings them joy.
While I was working as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant and Tutor, I learnt a phenomenal amount about teaching methodologies, learning styles, and communication, and ultimately ended up finding a way to build effective learning relationships with lots of different students in different subjects. These skills are invaluable when teaching young people and adults how to play an instrument, and enjoy themselves along the way!

I started teaching music because...

I started teaching guitar because I felt like I finally had the skills not only in the instrument itself, but also a knowledge of teaching. I love passing on new skills to people, there’s something very special about helping people understand something, and also showing them how to enjoy that process too.
I was running a song-writing course at a secondary school, we were working on chords and harmony, when one of the students got very interested and asked if I would teach him guitar because, although he could already play well, he suddenly realised he didn’t deeply understand the things he’d already been shown how to do. That was my first student, and it was a learning curve for me. He’s made great progress, and truly enjoys the whole experience of learning. Since then, I’ve started teaching in many primary schools, and taught people of all ages, and all styles. It’s been loads of fun!

The music that really inspires me is...

I love all sorts of music, and hope to be able to pass on the passion for music in general, not just specific genres.
I’ve always loved Funk and Soul, then I played in an Indie Rock band as a teenager. Meeting new musicians at university got me into some more technical, progressive music, and I played a lot of more simple, acoustic stuff too to balance it out!
After graduating, I started a function band, playing all sorts of funky, exciting music… I joined a live Hip-Hop band, and learnt a lot about R&B, Garage, and urban music along the way. I love jazz, and that whole world… and very recently I’ve been finding Classical music more and more exciting.

A career in music is such a journey of discovery, and I feel like I’ve only just started!

I teach the following instrument(s):

Guitar, Bass

You can find out more about me on my personal website: