• Matthew Rusk wrote on Andrew Oxley's Wall 1 year ago

    Wednesday are on a decent run of form recently – up to 10th now! Do you think you might sneak it into the playoffs? That would be a real turn around from earlier in the season! Was thinking about dates to meet up, Easter Sunday might be good if you are around?

    • Hi Matt. Yes there is a slim chance of getting in playoffs, problem is the goal difference is pretty bad but Steve Bruce has given everyone hope. I think they might do it. Got some tough games coming up though.

      Yes easter Sunday is fine. My wife can look after Zack that night so should be fine. Thanks. A new place in the castle market area of Sheffield has opened called kommune. Big food court with a great bar in there. Went in on Saturday. Really enjoyed it. Could try there?

      On another note just want to bring to your attention two enquiries which seem quite strange. One from Ben Davison and one from Richard Wilson. I think it’s the same person. He is asking to book his two daughters in. He says they will be dropped off by a private driver. He is asking about payment and wanting to use a credit card asking which merchant do I use and their percentage processing fee. It just doesn’t sit right with me and possibly could be someone trying to get hold of bank details. I told him that I haven’t any slots available to book them in at the minute. It may be nothing but the language he uses seems very odd. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.