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Here is a little bit about me...

Hello everyone,

I teach lots of different instruments, mainly through happenstance.  My original instruments were piano and cornet and not practicing the piano very much in school has led me first and foremost into a carrier as a trumpeter and brass teacher.  I now also teach woodwind (saxophone, clarinet, recorder and flute), piano, SINGING! and now even a bit of guitar and drums!  Crazy!

Having studied and lived in Cardiff I set up business back home in England.  I am now back in sunny Wales, near Swansea, and have some work in various schools, whole class tuition, run some ensembles, perform in a local covers band and maintain private tuition.

I am keen on sport and ‘play’ for a local football team.  The play is in quotations because – I dare say – I’ve been rather lazy recently when it comes to that area of my life.

Another passion I have is animals and especially my two cats.  I adore them 🙂


I started teaching music because...

I started teaching music because I have always worked in areas that involve supporting people, helping people, help people see their potential and succeed.  I’ve worked for various agencies that looked after vulnerable people and helped them financially and in other ways.

Culture is, perhaps, the most important, yet most overlooked, aspect of people’s lives.  Music is a fundamental aspect of that culture and plays a vital role in a person’s physical and mental well-being.

I wanted to become a music teacher to help people in this way.  To inspire culture in people, to help develop creativity and inspire happiness in those that seek and/ or need it.

The music that really inspires me is...

I have an eclectic taste and experience in music.  My dad brought me up listening to lots of rock bands, while my education was primarily classical.  Subsequently, I have explored an interest in jazz and other modes of music and my performances have been in musicals and more recently part of a soul/ funk band.

I’ve been more interested in enjoying music than labelling myself with particular styles, band names or composers – this is also partly related to my memory and not being able to remember who played or wrote such and such!  Those that I do remember, I enjoy the piano music of Chopin (and wrote my undergraduate dissertation on the subject), and my favourite band has always been Muse (- they were the first band I saw live and have remained a solid favourite – because they are good and for nostalgia).

Why the trumpet is because it looked cool, as a child (and now).  I liked how loud and how strident the sound is and what kept me playing were the people I’ve met along the way, the music community.  Sergei Nakariakov is my favourite trumpet player, because he makes it look effortless!

I teach the following instrument(s):

trumpet, trombone, cornet, Euphonium, Baritone, French horn, tenor horn, clarinet, saxophone, flute, recorder, guitar, drums, singing

You can find out more about me on my personal website: