• Nick Kelly wrote on Jolene Dias' Wall 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi Jolene, thanks so much for the adding me as a friend – I was reading the forum post from Phil about best lesson lengths for music lessons (https://mgrmusic.com/community/groups/music-teachers/forum/topic/lesson-lengths/). What are your thoughts on good time lengths for lessons, especially for young learners?

    • well I feel its 30mins if the lessons go on 1 topic. if you take a session of 1 hour, then perhaps u could do music theory and practicals together to get maximum attention span. 🙂 what do u feel?

      • Great point, I agree with you – 1 hour lessons you can cover a lot more and incorporate music theory into the lessons. I always found with teenage students they would last for about 45 mins before their attention span had expired (I think it might be as their school lessons last for 50 mins so they are trained to zone out at 45 mins!). What instruments do you teach?

        • Well, I teach the keyboard and the piano for intermediate and advance level. And violin only for beginners. I’m a vocal coach too for advance vocal learners. What about u nick?