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How to play Acquiesce by Oasis

March 5, 2018

Here is a lesson I have put up on Youtube of one of my favourite Oasis tunes. Originally a B-side it can be found on The Masterplan album.  It is surprisingly simple and great for people wanted to practice a barre chord (it is only in the intro) but don’t want the song to be […]

How To Play Lyla by Oasis

November 27, 2017

Here is my video on the rhythm parts of this song having already done a video on the solos. It is one of the few songs where Noel detunes his guitar as he takes his B string down to an A to get the distinctive sound of the song. Other than that some usual Oasis […]

How to play the solo in Lyla by Oasis

November 27, 2017

Here is my new video a relatively quick lesson on this cool Noel Gallagher solo.  Lyla is from Oasis’ 2005 Album Don’t believe the truth, although late on in the life of Oasis it reached  number 1 in the U.K singles chart! Click on the banner below to get more guitar lessons from Paul Crame:

How to play For What It’s Worth by Liam Gallagher

November 13, 2017

A lesson on how to play the third single from Liam’s first solo album. It is a great tune with some relatively basic chords but made trickier and more interesting with some slash chords following the bass line. I regularly post lesson videos on my YouTube channel mostly learning songs and solos but with a […]

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