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Welcome! I would be delighted to invite you to join the mgrmusic.com teacher database – a database of active professional music teachers located across the globe. It is free to have a profile on mgrmusic.com. I have generated over 38,500 student enquiries for music teachers since 2012 and I can’t wait to create a dedicated music teacher profile to help more students find you!

Matthew Rusk, Founder of mgrmusic.com

Why Sign Up?

Over 500 music teachers across the UK and internationally have already joined the international music teacher database here on mgrmusic.com. This is because since 2012 we have generated consistent streams of student enquiries for these music teachers. Helping them to increase their student numbers and build sustainable careers in music tuition. You can read some of their testimonials below…


“Just a quick message to say thanks for having me on board this year, been great to see my student numbers build up with the help of your amazing website!

Thanks, as always, for your efficiency and smooth running- you guys keep us (occasionally unruly) musicians on track, I can obviously only speak for myself, but thanks so much for your understanding when things are manic and busy for us-its really appreciated!” – Victoria Atkinson, Singing Teacher in Glasgow

“My business has developed phenomenally thanks to Matthew’s determination and hard work to help teachers in his network succeed. Every day I still can’t believe I’m where I am now with my teaching business which is still growing; I really feel I wouldn’t be where I am right now without Matthew.

It’s an honour working with him and I would always recommend him highly to others!” – Eliza Fyfe, Singing Teacher in Bristol

“Thank you for all your hard work putting these platforms and communities together! Saw the testimonials on the info page and really agree – you are fantastic! And have transformed so many of our teaching careers so thank you” – Laura Ratcliffe, Singing Teacher in Leicester

“Matthew, Thank you so much for all your help! The website is fantastic. I like it very much.” – Gutian Zou, Piano Teacher in Woking

“Thanks for everything, it’s such a great platform to be on!” – Jessica Cook, Singing Teacher in Faversham

“Very happy to be onboard – it’s been such a helpful boost for my teaching.” – Jo Stevens, Singing Teacher in Southampton

“You have been extremely helpful, professional and reliable to work with” – Willow (Vilija) Leitanaite, Singing Teacher in Milton Keynes

Incorporate Society of Musicians - Corporate Partner In addition mgrmusic.com works with the Incorporated Society of Musicians as a Platinum Corporate Member. As a professional music teacher myself I care about raising the standards of music education here in the UK and abroad. I have been delighted to work alongside Incorporate Society of Musicians and the community of music teachers on mgrmusic.com to achieve this. Find out why this is core to our business principles here.

What do I Get?

We will create a dedicate music teacher profile for you. Profiles on the mgrmusic.com website are beautifully designed to present the music teacher in the best possible light to students – generating them as many students as possible. You can see an example profile below:

Leo Wood - Example mgrmusic.com Teacher Profile

Here at mgrmusic.com we work incredibly hard making profiles for teachers that are well designed and appealing to music students.

Please note that applications are not automatically accepted and you might be asked to provide further information before your application is accepted.

Is it really free?

Yes! There is no charge for being part of the mgrmusic.com community and having a profile on the music teacher database. Enquiries will be provided to you free of charge from your music teacher database profile – sent directly to your personal email to respond to. No commission, no fees to you or the student. Free forever in every sense of the word.

Alongside the free music teacher database profiles we do have premium “locational pages”, for example, mgrmusic.com/guitar-lessons-sheffield, that provide teachers with a higher number of enquiries each month. This is an add-on to the free music teacher database profile. To be featured on these premium pages there is entirely optional for a teacher. If you are interested in becoming a premium member please email [email protected].

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