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Welcome! I would be delighted for you to apply to join the mgrmusic.com teacher database – a database of active professional music teachers located across the globe. I have generated over 50,000 student enquiries for music teachers across the UK and beyond since 2012 and I can’t wait to create a dedicated music teacher profile to help more students find you. Matthew Rusk, Founder of mgrmusic.com

“Just a quick message to say thanks for having me on board this year, been great to see my student numbers build up with the help of your amazing website!

Thanks, as always, for your efficiency and smooth running- you guys keep us (occasionally unruly) musicians on track, I can obviously only speak for myself, but thanks so much for your understanding when things are manic and busy for us-its really appreciated!” – Victoria Atkinson, Singing Teacher in Glasgow

“My business has developed phenomenally thanks to Matthew’s determination and hard work to help teachers in his network succeed. Every day I still can’t believe I’m where I am now with my teaching business which is still growing; I really feel I wouldn’t be where I am right now without Matthew.

It’s an honour working with him and I would always recommend him highly to others!” – Eliza Fyfe, Singing Teacher in Bristol

“Thank you for all your hard work putting these platforms and communities together! Saw the testimonials on the info page and really agree – you are fantastic! And have transformed so many of our teaching careers so thank you” – Laura Ratcliffe, Singing Teacher in Leicester

“Matthew, Thank you so much for all your help! The website is fantastic. I like it very much.” – Gutian Zou, Piano Teacher in Woking

“Thanks for everything, it’s such a great platform to be on!” – Jessica Cook, Singing Teacher in Faversham

“Very happy to be onboard – it’s been such a helpful boost for my teaching.” – Jo Stevens, Singing Teacher in Southampton

“You have been extremely helpful, professional and reliable to work with” – Willow (Vilija) Leitanaite, Singing Teacher in Milton Keynes

“I’d just like to thank you again for everything as well. Business is great at the moment and still on the up every month, I really appreciate the help you’ve given me.” – Joseph Young, Guitar Teacher in Newcastle

Incorporate Society of Musicians - Corporate Partner In addition mgrmusic.com works with the Incorporated Society of Musicians as a Platinum Corporate Member. As a professional music teacher myself I care about raising the standards of music education here in the UK and abroad. I have been delighted to work alongside Incorporate Society of Musicians and the community of music teachers on mgrmusic.com to achieve this. Find out why this is core to our business principles here.

I will create a dedicate music teacher profile for you. Profiles on the mgrmusic.com website are beautifully designed to present the music teacher in the best possible light to students - generating them as many students as possible. You can see an example profile below:

Leo Wood - Example mgrmusic.com Teacher Profile

Here at mgrmusic.com we work incredibly hard making profiles for teachers that are well designed and appealing to music students.
Please note that applications are not automatically accepted and you might be asked to provide further information before your application is accepted.

How much does it cost?

In terms of how it works, it is really simple - I refer enquiries over to you made on mgrmusic.com and every time you teach these students this generates a small commission, at the end of each month we add this up to generate an invoice & you pay this into the business account.

The commission fees are £4.00 per hour or £2.50 per half hour lesson, though you can choose to charge what you wish for your lessons.

All your own students are totally yours to keep free of commission and you are more than welcome to advertise as you normally do. The commission only applies to students that I pass onto you and you only have to pay commission after you teach them a lesson - so the business only makes money after you have made money from teaching lessons. You can charge whatever you feel is right for your lessons.

How do enquiries get sent to me?

All the enquiries that are made on the website are sent directly to me, I then pass those enquiries onto the teacher in location. The teacher will then contact that enquiry to arrange their first lesson with that student.

Once that “referred student" comes for a lesson, paying the teacher directly however that teacher normally charges for their lessons the teacher will make a small note of the date of the lesson and who they have taught.

The frequency of the lessons is totally down to the teacher and the student, really as a normal student would be - some like weekly lessons, some fortnightly and others when they can make it. At the end of the day, week or month (up to the teacher) all the teachers I work with add their lessons taught to referred students onto an online platform that I have built to record this admin (www.mgrmusic.com), broadly recording the lessons in the format below:

19.04.19, Example Student Name 1, 1 hour, £4.00

23.04.19, Example Student Name 2, 1/2 hour, £2.50

Once the calendar month is complete I draw all of these lessons into an invoice and email it back over to the teacher, if they are happy that it is correct with their records they send the money over via online bank transfer (BACS) or Paypal payment as suits the teacher.

This normally takes place in the first few days of the new month, so for any lessons taught in April we would sort out the admin in early May, along with the commission payment. Everything on the admin side of things takes place one month in retrospect if that makes sense - with the mgrmusic.com platform being the "admin" hub for invoices etc.

How do payments from students work?

The student will pay you directly. Most teachers tend to take cash payment at the end of each lesson, while a good number of teachers accept bank transfer as their preferred payment method, either on a pay as you go basis or in block bookings. Ultimately, you can choose to take payment from students using the method you are most comfortable with. All the money for the lessons, including the commision, goes to the teacher in the original case.

As you can see the relationship I build with teachers all works on trust. I trust the teachers I work with to be honest about the students that they teach each month and am keen to build strong working relationships with them. I thoroughly enjoy working with all the teachers across the UK and really do trust them to operate in a professional and honest manner.

Do the students get charged a fee when they seek to make contact or book their first lesson?

No, there is no fee to students as they enquire or book lessons on mgrmusic.com - all enquiries come through to me and are then forwarded onto the relevant teacher to their personal email.

Where will lessons take place?

This is up to you. As the teacher, you already have your ideal way of teaching set up. Lessons can take place at students homes, your own home or any teaching facility you may have access to. I want you to carry on working the way that you work. All I ask is that if you have your own teaching space or access to a teaching space that it is safe and suitable for the purpose.

How often do I need to teach lessons?

This is at your discretion and there is no compulsion to take on any of the students that I pass over to you. I will refer you students in your area but the decision of how many you take on and what hours you take those remains with you. As a self-employed music teacher, you still retain the flexibility to work your own hours from a handful of hours a week to a full-time teaching schedule. I will aim to fill your diary with students to suit your goals.

Can I teach multiple instruments?

Absolutely, if you offer multiple services then I am happy to accommodate this. Simply include all the instruments that you teach in the application form below.

What happens if I cannot take any more lessons, but people keep submitting enquiries?

If this happens, just let us know and I can redirect the student enquiries to another teacher until you are ready to take on more students.

Do I have to have Public Liability Insurance?

No, I will still feature your profile on our website if you are a qualified and experienced music teacher even if you do not have Public Liability Insurance. However, I strongly recommend that you gain suitable Public Liability Insurance from a reputable company – for more information about Public Liability Insurance please read our article here: Public Liability Insurance for Teachers.

For teachers who do not have Public Liability Insurance their profiles will display N/A , under the “Additional Information” tab on their profiles so that students are aware that they are are not covered, making students better informed as to who they wish to be taught by.

Can I have my own personal email on my teacher profile?

All teacher emails displayed on the website are [email protected], for example [email protected], to prevent teachers getting inundated with spam / fraudulent emails.

I will forward through all the enquiries that come in for your personal email. It also means that I build up a working relationship with the teachers I feature as I are in touch with them as / when they get enquiries – meaning that I can touch base to ensure that the information on the website is up to date and they are still active music teachers.

Can I have my mobile number displayed on my teacher profile?

I do not include teachers mobile phone numbers on the teacher profile pages due to the high number of spam/nuisance calls that result for the teacher. I will collect the student’s phone number if they contact through the enquiry form on the right-hand side of the page of your profile (should they wish to provide it), meaning that you can call the student directly once an enquiry comes through.

How can I leave if I want to?

There is no fixed contract so you can leave whenever you wish to, simply email [email protected] to ask for your profile to be removed. There is no charge to leave, though you will still be required to pay commission on the students that have been referred to you until you stop teaching them.

Have another question?

Simply email [email protected] and I would be happy to answer your question.

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