Dave Drummer – Drum Lessons with Alwyn Hornsey

Dave DrummerWe are delighted to feature “Dave Drummer” as our national music teacher of the week. The name for “Dave Drummer” actually comes from an old band where the lead singer would refer to all other members as “Dave”, whether it was “Guitar Dave”, “Dave Bass” or “Dave Drummer”!

The drum lessons themselves are provided by experienced drummer Alwyn Hornsey, who is based in Haverhill, Suffolk. Alywyn has been teaching the drums since 2004, having played the drums for over 25 years. He is able to provide drum tuition to students of all abilities, from beginner students who have never stepped foot on a bass pedal before, to more experienced drummers looking to reach that next level.

Alywyn is also able to offer drum lessons that cover a wide range of different genres, including Jazz, Rock, Funk, as well as genres as diverse as Latin, Jamaican and Afro to Death Metal, Drum ’n Bass, Prog. For students who are interested in undertaking graded examination he is able to provide lessons to help these students take their Grade 1 to 8 exams with Trinity Guildhall – however, this is entirely optional with many students simply learning for their own enjoyment.

He is also able to help students interested in learning more about the history of drumming, as well as the music theory and live performance side of drumming. This holistic approach to teaching the drums is founded on many years of playing and performing as a drummer himself – indeed, Alywyn is still providing his services as a session drummer for theatre, music shows or any other type of drum playing if the gig is right.

To find out more about his drum lessons simply get in touch with him directly via his website information below.

Contact Information:

Dave Drummer

Website: davedrummer.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/DaveDrummer

Twitter: twitter.com/davedrummer1

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