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If you are interested in learning to play the guitar on the internet there are number of fantastic resource based websites out there, helping you to grasp the basics as a beginner right up to ensuring you nail complex solos, improve improvisation and rip the fretboard up with immense finger speed.

Guitar Control is arguably leading website to help you as a guitarist reach that next level. Launched in 2004 by Claude Johnson the website has helped millions of guitarists from around the globe Рall with one simple aim, providing you with the tools and knowledge to enable you to reach that next level with your guitar playing.

As well as extensive online resources GC also have a library of DVD tutorials covering a whole range of different aspects of playing, from DVD courses on acoustic guitar and blues guitar, to the fantastically named Fretboard Domination and Supercharged Soloing DVDs. Compared to paying a professional teacher to take you through this information the DVDs are great value for money and a resource that you can go back to time and time again.

The Guitar Control website itself is packed with useful information, tutorials and resources to help you to learn to play the guitar – much of this information is provided for in the free to access area of the website, meaning you can learn so much by simply visiting their website!

They also have an active and engaged online social media community of thousands of guitars, meaning that you can become part of a wider online network of guitar players – why not check out their Facebook Page, YouTube Channel or Instagram Account. Most importantly you simply got to check out the Guitar Control website to make the most of both their free resources and check out some of their DVD packs that will help you master the guitar – you can do so by going to!

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