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Hello! My name is Jordan Woodhead and I am a professional guitar tutor located in Bradford.

I offer guitar lessons to students of all ages in a wide range of styles in the Bradford area.

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Jordan Woodhead

I teach both acoustic and electric guitar in a wide range of styles.

I teach a wide age range from young learner to adult however, I would recommend starting no younger than age 6.

I love to listen to and teach a wide range of different styles and genres of music.

I am a mobile teacher which means that I will travel to you for our lessons together.

Guitar Lesson Prices

I offer personalised and enjoyable lessons that are geared towards your wants & needs all over the Bradford area.

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1/2 Hour Lessons


I would recommend my half-hour lessons for those who are learning from a younger age and perhaps can't concentrate for long periods of time. Alternatively, if you prefer to learn in small doses this could be a great option for you.

1 Hour Lessons


My hour lessons are by far my most popular option. I usually find that an hours lesson once a week is usually enough to see some real progress over a few months provided you practice in your own time as well.

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I will make sure you achieve your guitar playing goals in no time at all.

Despite my age I have been playing the guitar for over 14 years & I have over 10 years of live performance experience playing in many function/wedding bands covering all types of genres from pop, country, and rock

In my time as a musician I have achieved a BA (Hons) in Music as well as Grade 8 in guitar. These are both aspects of my experience that I will draw upon to make sure your lessons are great.

I like to make sure every single lesson I teach is as enjoyable as possible. I really feel the best way to progress as a guitar player is to enjoy learning.

I have a lot of experience when it comes to teaching beginners. So even if you think it will be difficult please remember that everyone has to start somewhere & I feel that I am the best person to take you to the next level.

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Location of Lessons

I am currently a mobile teacher which means that I will travel to you for your lessons. I feel that this is really important because you will feel more comfortable whilst learning to play. This is a key aspect of progressing in my opinion.

Local Guitar Teacher Tips:

Music Shops in Bradford:

There are a few great music stores in the area if you are looking to pick up a guitar to get started. Here are a few of the stores that I would recommend.

Mannings Musicals is a great small store that stock a wide selection of new and used instruments. If you are looking for a beginner guitar make sure and tell the staff this and they will always help you. You can find them on 75 Westgate, Bradford BD1 2RD.

Another great store in the are would be Beat It Music Store which is located just outside of Bradford in Baildon. They too have a great selection of guitars regardless of the genre you are interested in. You can find them on 18 Westgate, Baildon, Shipley BD17 5EJ.

Music Courses in Bradford:

Bradford has a few good options when it comes to further education in the area. The following are the few opportunities that I would recommend.

One of the most obvious options would be the music degree course on offer at Bradford University. This is a great course that will prepare you with everything you will need to make it in the music industry.

The other option I would recommend if you are not quite ready for the jump to university would be the music course at New College Bradford. This is a great course that will help you build your confidence in both your playing and your performing with an aim to ready you for the music industry.

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