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Professional guitar lessons with Jake Palmer, Brighton’s leading independent guitar tutor. Beginner students welcome. All ages taught | [email protected]

About Guitar Lessons Brighton

Jake Palmer, guitar teacher at Guitar Lessons Brighton
Jake is an experienced & dedicated guitar teacher in Brighton. He runs Guitar Lessons Brighton, offering mobile guitar lessons in Brighton & Hove.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Brighton! My name is Jake Palmer and I am a professional guitar teacher based in Brighton. I have over 12 years guitar teaching experience, with multiple music qualifications to my name; including a BA In Popular Music. This helps me to provide extremely high-quality guitar tuition to students of all abilities.

I have received fantastic testimonials from my guitar students (read more below!) and would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar! I welcome students from beginners upwards, including intermediate and advanced guitarists. Providing dedicated courses of lessons, ideal for beginners who have never played the guitar before.

I provide mobile guitar tuition to students across the Brighton & Hove area, as well as offering lessons from a teaching space based in central Brighton. Students can choose the location that suits them best.

I also teach children from the age of 6 upwards, as well as many adult learners. Most of all, my lessons are fun, engaging and focused on helping you learn the music that you are passionate about. If you are interested in booking guitar lessons in Brighton then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me using the contact information below.

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Lessons & Costs

As a professional guitar teacher, I am able to cater for students who are complete beginners to more advanced guitarists. I welcome students who have never held a guitar before to attend their first guitar lesson with me. I start them on the road to acquiring the musical skills needed to play guitar riffs, solos and chord patterns with accuracy and confidence.

All my lessons are tailored to suit each one of my students learning needs and musical interests. I take into account a students age, offering lessons to young learners of the age of 6 upwards. I have created special courses of lessons dedicated to helping younger students to progress when learning to play the guitar. In addition, I also provide a foundation course of guitar lessons for adult beginners.

During my guitar lessons, I am keen to focus on bands, songs and genres that a student is interested in. Afterall, I want to enthuse my students to practice at home! Rock, pop, alternative, acoustic and blues are just a few of the many genres I cover. I draw on many years teaching experience, as well as a university degree In Popular Music and a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Song Writing to help structure my lessons.

My lessons are charged at £15 per half hour / £25 per hour. I provide a mobile guitar service, enabling me to visit students across Brighton to teach them in the comfort of their own homes. I also have a teaching space in central Brighton, enabling students to travel to me to attend lessons should they wish to. For more information about my lessons, as well as to book your first guitar lessons with me, don’t heistate to get in touch.


I am very lucky as a guitar teacher to have worked with some tremendously talented and enthusiastic guitar students. It is awesome to teach lessons to students of any ability if their passion for playing the guitar and their willingness to learn is there. Over my years of teaching, my students have been kind enough to provide testimonials about my guitar tuition.

I work very hard to ensure that my students really understand the music that they are learning to play. This is more than simply learning the order of the notes or the technical aspects of how to play the riff/chord rhythm. It is about delving deep into the music to explore the concepts, theory and musicianship behind a piece of music. This is something that my students really value. With Joe, one of my guitar students commenting that he “couldn’t understand music having been taught by a number of teachers before having lessons with Jake. Jake explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. Cheers bud!”

It was a real challenge to say goodbye to students I have taught for many years in Leicester when I relocated to Brighton to launch Guitar Lessons Brighton. A parent of one of my students Maria noted when I announced that I was relocating that Jake is a great teacher and has really helped develop my son’s musical ability and overall learning ability in school, it’s a shame he’s moving! We will miss him.” Come and join my community of guitar students to receive the same high-quality professional guitar tuition that my current students enjoy so much!

55 out of 5 stars (based on 251 reviews)

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Find other guitar tutors based in Brighton by using the national music teacher directory search form. If you offer guitar lessons in Brighton then join our teacher database; fill out a teacher application here. It is free to sign up and join the Guitar Lessons Brighton team!

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I am always interested in feedback from my students, use the review tab directly on my profile – Jake Palmer – Lesson Review – to rate your guitar lessons with me.

To find out more about my guitar lessons don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact information below:

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Guitar Teacher Brighton

I am a mobile guitar teacher based here in Brighton, so I am able to travel to teach you in the comfort of your own home. I cover the entire Brighton and Hove area, with most of my lessons taking place within the BN3 radius. For lessons outside this area do get in touch and I can quote you the price for the additional travel time. I am always happy to answer questions about being a mobile teacher and share with you why so many of my students really enjoy not having to travel to take their guitar lessons each week.

Guitar Shops in Brighton:

Here at Guitar Lessons Brighton, we are often asked for advice about where to buy guitars & guitar equipment in Brighton. The good news is Brighton has multiple guitar shops to service your every guitar need! For those looking to pick up their first guitar or seeking an upgrade, Hobgoblin Music Shop Brighton will have a selection to help you find the guitar that suits you best. The shop is located 108 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3FX. The staff at Hobgoblin are all incredibly friendly and very helpful in getting you set up and ready to go.

Another store you could try is Brighton Guitars, located 44 Sydney Street, Brighton, BN1 4EP.  Here you can find a huge selection from both second hand and brand new guitars! They provide a selection of both Electric and Acoustic guitars so you’ll be able to find the right axe for you.

GAK – (Guitar and Keyboards) is one of the larger music stores in Brighton. The guitar shop is located 76-82 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YD. GAK will likely provide you with one of the largest selections of guitars and accessories you’ll find anywhere nearby. Almost any musical item you can think off, you’ll likely find here! Indeed, GAK is an internationally known brand with a powerful online shop serving customers across the UK and beyond.

Music Courses in Brighton:

Brighton is a fantastically musical city, with some of the UK’s leading bands and artists hailing from our city. The Kooks, British Sea Power, Royal Blood and The Maccabees are just a few of our homegrown talents. Being such a musical city Brighton offers an array of music courses for those looking to take a more academic approach to developing their music career.

BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music) located 38 – 42 Brunswick Street West, Hove, BN3 1EL is an institute of 8 independent colleges with over 6000 music students. Here you will be able to undertake some of the leading musical qualifications available in the UK, whilst improving your own performance and musicianship. Networking with other musicians (both current students and graduates) is also a key aspect of attending BIMM. This will enable you to potentially meet the right bandmates to help you establish a successful musical career.

Another option to check out is Beacon Arts, located Knoyle Road, Hove, BN1 6RB. Beacon Arts is a hub for creative classes for both younger children and adults. They provide classes based around the arts, ideal for individuals interested in combining music with dance, theatre and drama. A regular community choir is also well worth reviewing for music students interested socialising with other music enthusiasts.