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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Cambridge! Learn to play guitar with our mobile teacher based in the Cambridgeshire area – Josh Burke. His main aim is to teach guitar in a way that makes students thoroughly enjoy playing, learning to play songs from their favourite bands and artists as much as possible.

No matter what your musical interests are, Josh can find the right way to approach your learning to ensure that you enjoy playing guitar and never lose interest!

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Guitar Shops Cambridge:

Imperial Guitars of Cambridge, an online guitar shop, offers guitars, ukulele, effects & stompboxes and other accompanying accessories that any guitarist needs to enjoy playing their favorite instrument. Repairs also provided from the workshop in Stapleford, Cambridge CB2 3AD, UK.

PMT in Cambridge has hundreds of electric guitars and basses from the world’s leading brands, including Gibson, Fender, PRS, Ibanez, Epiphone, Gretsch, Squier, Schecter, Rickenbacker, Musicman and others. The accommodating PMT Experts are happy to help any customer to choose the right instrument and other details to make high quality music. The shop is located on 172 East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1BG.

Millers is based on Sussex Street Cambridge CB1 1PW. Offers a wide range of guitars: from electric, acoustic, classical, 12 strings guitars to guitar accessories and effects pedals. Instruments hire available (from £8 per month) – it is a good option for beginner to try and understand whether playing guitar (or any other instrument) is their cup of tea.