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Hello! I'm Carlos Morgado, a professional guitar teacher offering guitar tuition in Kensington.
I offer high-quality personalised guitar lessons in the Kensington area.

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Carlos Morgado

I have a whole host of experience in teaching students of all levels. I have extensive experience in helping beginners achieve their playing goals.

I now offer online guitar lessons via Skype, Zoom and other platforms so guitar students could take lessons in a safe emvironment.

I teach both acoustic and electric guitar in a wide range of styles. Just let me know what type of guitar it is that you want to learn.

I have vast experience in teaching young learners and helping them improve their playing and understanding of the guitar.

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Amazing guitar lessons built around the music that you love in the Kensington area.

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1 Hour Lessons


I currently offer only one-hour lessons as a believe this is the best way to improve as a guitar player.

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'My experience with Carlos has been to have a teacher who knows how to teach and with whom you really learn if you love what you do. After 7 years, I still love what I do and with great enthusiasm, because it taught me to have music present every day. Thank you Carlos, for all your support and for what I have learned.'


'Carlos is an ideal guitar teacher and a great person. In each class helps me to be focused and to move as much as possible, there are always tips on how to use the equipment. It really is the best option to take advantage of your money and you think to take guitar lessons.'

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5 out of 5 stars (based on 401 reviews)

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'If you really want and have time to learn, Carlos is the biggest and most effective shortcut to teach you the secrets of the guitar, not only in guitar, you will be lucky to receive lessons in other fields of music that you will never have stopped to look and listen. I advise you to try several hours, to find out what I mean.'

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Guitar Teacher

Friendly, helpful and focused on helping you to rapidly learn how to play the guitar.

I am an experienced player who has been playing and teaching for years. Throughout those years, I have worked as a music teacher in various schools teaching students of all ages.

I am an extensively qualified teacher having gained a BA (Hons) in Primary Teaching with Music Specialism with QTS (Qualified teacher status) to teach in England.

As I mentioned before, music is my passion. Because of this, I love to play and teach all genres. I offer everything from rock to flamenco and everything in between.

One of the main reasons my lessons are so popular is because of how down to earth I am. I pride myself on being a kind, easy going and approachable teacher who is always willing to listen to my student's needs and wishes.

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Location of Lessons

I am a mobile teacher. This means that I will travel to you for the lessons. I believe this is great because it means you will be learning from a comfortable and familiar environment. One of the most important things when it comes to learning guitar is to feel comfortable so with this in mind I feel we will make great progress. I also offer lessons from my home studio and if you want any information about these lessons please email me.

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Local Guitar Teacher Tips:

Music Shops in Kensington:

Chimes Music Is the best place to go if you are looking to buy some sheet music or any music-related books. They are located on 9 Harrington Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3ES.

If you are looking for a guitar-based shop then I would recommend travelling to some other areas of London as currently there are no shops in Kensington specifically specialising in guitars at the moment to my knowledge.

Music Courses in Kensington:

Kensington & Chelsea College is probably the most obvious choice when it comes to further education in the area. They have a wide range of music based courses on offer.

Another great option if you are willing to travel would be the Royal College Of Music.If you are interested in music in any way then this would definately be the College I would reccomend for those with a real passion for music and the arts.

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