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Professional guitar lessons with David Jobson, Leicester’s leading guitar tutor. Beginner students welcome. All ages taught. Electric & Acoustic Lessons | [email protected]

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David Jobson, guitar teacher at Guitar Lessons Leicester
David Jobson is a professional guitar teacher offering high-quality lessons to students of all ages.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Leicester! My name is David Jobson and I am a professional guitar tutor based in Leicester, helping students of all ages and abilities learn to play the guitar. I teach my pupils from my home teaching space located just off the A6, near Leicester racecourse in LE2 – it is a great place to learn to play the guitar with great transport links and all the equipment we need for the lessons.

Here is a quick summary of my guitar lessons:

  • Teaches all genres
  • Beginner and Advanced students welcome
  • Young learners and Adults taught
  • £15 per half hour/£30 per hour
  • Electric and Acoustic

I am a qualified music teacher, having gained a Music Degree from Brunel University and more recently a Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF). I have over 20 years experience in the music industry which includes touring, writing, composing and many more. I’ve also taught in the school system in both London and the Midlands.

I have a simple approach to my lessons. That is to make sure my students learn the music they want to learn. I feel as well as learning all the groundworks of theory and chord structure, it is very important that my students learn the music that they are interested in. With this approach, we can make very achievable targets to improve your guitar playing faster.

Beginner students are more than welcome to come for lessons. As are more advanced students. Regardless of your level, I will create a lesson plan that suits your needs and will ensure quick progression in your playing. For any more information, please send me an email or call me using the information below.

Email: [email protected] | Make an Enquiry

Lessons & Prices

My lessons are built around my student’s goals. I will ensure we set realistic targets in theory, exercise and song work. By making sure we use the correct technique I believe we can improve all three previously mentioned aspects very quickly.

I believe it is really important to make sure the lessons are driven by my student’s musical preferences. This means that we will learn the music and acts that you enjoy and wish to learn. Taking this into account and with a solid grounding of theory, I have seen many of my students progress from beginner to intermediate players in no time at all.

I welcome students of all abilities. For my beginner students, I will make sure we approach the lessons with patience but attention to technique, making sure you don’t develop any bad habits. If you happen to be a more advanced student and have a certain goal in mind, I can most definitely help you also.

I charge £15 per half hour/£30 per hour for lessons taught at my home teaching space. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yes, I have a wide range of experience teaching students of all ages. I am able to help students as young as 9 years old to learn to play the guitar. For younger students, I would recommend taking a 1/2 hour lesson each week. This helps to develop the knowledge and the technical skills week on week at a pace that is enjoyable and rewarding for the student.

I teach all styles in both electric and acoustic guitar. I can also provide tuition for students interested in music production.

Beginners are more than welcome to attend my lessons, I have many students who started as beginners and are now progressing to an intermediate stage of playing and beyond. With the right course of lessons and some good practice as a student you won’t stay a beginner guitar student for long.

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To find out more about my guitar lessons don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact information below:

e: [email protected] | Make an Enquiry

Where do the lessons take place?

The majority of my lessons take place from my home studio teaching space based on in the LE2 area of Leicester – not far from Leicester racecourse. This is a great place to learn guitar because it is a relaxed and calming environment & I have all the necessary equipment to conduct the lessons. It is also very accessible by public transport. Simply take the 31 or 31A Sapphire or the X7.

My full address will be disclosed upon the booking of your first lesson. If you have any questions about my teaching location then don’t hesitate to email me on [email protected].

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Guitar Shops Leicester:

For guitarists based in Leicester the closing of Sheehans Music in early 2017 was a surprise. A music store that had served so many of us over the years with equipment, repairs and advice. The hole left by loosing one of the cities leading music stores is noticeable. That said Leicester is lucky still to have several great music stores that guitarists of all abilities can visit.

Music Junkie, located on 20 Lee Street, Leicester, LE1 3RF, is packed full of electric and acoustic guitar – including all your favourite brands like Gibson, Ibanez, Fender and Gretsch, as well as great starter brands of guitar like Squire and Epiphone. Known for their great customer service Music Junkie servers guitarists of all abilities.

Intrasound Music, can be found at 70 Narborough Road, Leicester, LE3 0BR and has a huge array of guitar equipment from leading manufacturers such as Orange, PRS, G&L, Cort, Peavey, Electro-Harmonix, Yamaha, Crafter & Tanglewood. The store has some great beginner guitar packages for under £150, ideal for beginner guitarists.

MH Music, based out in Market Harborough, at 7 St. Mary’s Road LE16 7DS boasts a great range of guitars – including Fender Squire, G&L, Gibson, Gretsch and ESP models ideal for beginner guitarists upwards. As an intermediate or advanced player you can pick up a fantastic used guitar from MH Music.

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