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Professional guitar lessons with Dan Hall, Manchester’s leading guitar tutor. Beginner students welcome. All ages taught. Electric & Acoustic Lessons | [email protected]

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Dan Hall, guitar teacher at Guitar Lessons Manchester
Dan Hall offers professional guitar lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Manchester! My name is Dan Hall and I am a professional guitar teacher. I have over 5 years teaching experience, offering high-quality guitar lessons to students across Manchester. I teach from my home teaching space based on New Belvedere Close, Stretford (M32 0EG) in Manchester. It is an ideal place to learn to play the guitar, with great transport links from across the city in addition to all the equipment we need for our lessons.

Here is a quick summary of my guitar lessons:

  • Experienced, qualified guitar teacher
  • Prices: £13.50 per half hour / £27 per hour
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Young Learners (8+) & Adults Taught
  • Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Guitarists Welcome

I am a qualified guitar teacher, having gained a Foundation Degree in Pop Music and Performance from the University of Salford. I have achieved Grade 8 on the Electric Guitar (Rockschool) and Grade 8 for Music Theory (LCM). In addition, I am also an active musician, with over 10 years experience playing, performing and recording music.

I have a clear approach to teaching the guitar; that anyone can learn to play the guitar, as long as they are patient, focus on quality practice over quantity and have access to the right learning resources. I help my guitar students rapidly progress their learning by creating individually tailored courses of guitar lessons, suited to their individual learning needs. This includes incorporating many of the songs and bands that they enjoy listening to directly into the lesson content.

Beginner guitar students are welcome to come for lessons. Indeed, the majority of my students start off as beginner students before progressing onto more intermediate and advanced guitarists. I also teach younger learners from the ages of 8 upwards, as well as many adults. I would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar. To book your first lesson, or to find out more about how I can help you to learn to improve your guitar playing ability, simply get in touch by emailing me.

Email: [email protected] | Make an Enquiry

Lessons & Prices

My guitar lessons are goal focused, ensuring my students are progressing by reaching achievable targets that we set together. In terms of lesson content, that is driven by my student’s own musical preferences. After all, almost every student I have taught has been inspired to pick up a guitar by a band or a song that they like! Using my many years of teaching experience I am able to draw on a wide range of guitar exercises that I know will help my students improve technically. This is combined with providing a good grounding in music theory during my lessons. These three aspects; of core songs (selected with the student), tried and tested technical exercises and music theory, provide the basis of the content taught during my guitar lessons.

I welcome students of all abilities. While I specialise in teaching beginner guitar students, helping them to gain a good understanding of the basics of the guitar, I can also help intermediate and advanced guitarists progress. This is especially true for more experienced guitarists who feel that they are “stuck in rut” with their playing. Helping to re-energise a guitarist’s practice routine, providing them with new material to expand their guitar playing repertoire. I approach all my guitar lessons with patience, providing support and encouragement to my students.

I charge £13.50 per half hour / £27 per hour for lessons taught at my home teaching space in Stretford. To find out more about my professional guitar lessons here at Guitar Lessons Manchester don’t heistate to get in touch.


Having taught guitar for many years I am extremely fortunate to have some fantastic testimonials from my students. As a guitar tutor, it is a great feeling to see my guitar students progressing lesson to lesson. Especially as I help my students learn to play the songs that they listen to at home. This gives them a real buzz, knowing that they can start playing along with the music that inspired them to start playing the guitar in the first place.

I work hard to create a course of structured guitar lessons that help my students rapidly progress. These lessons incorporate guitar exercises that I have developed over my many years of teaching, alongside songs that my students want to learn. Indeed, this approach to teaching the guitar is something that Neil, an acoustic guitar student I teach, reflected upon; “whatever level you’re at if you’re looking for someone to help you progress in a structured way then give Dan a call”.

I would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar. Join the growing numbers of students in Manchester seeking professional guitar tuition that delivers rapid results through high-quality lesson content. To book your first lesson at Guitar Lessons Manchester simply get in touch by emailing me on [email protected].

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Absolutely, I teach students from the ages of 8 upwards. Indeed, I have a course of beginner guitar lessons that are ideally suited for children to learn to play the guitar. For your peace of mind, I have an Enhanced DBS.

I cover a huge range of different musical styles, incorporating the styles of music into my lessons that my students are interested in. The most popular genres I teach are Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul and Funk. Whatever your musical styles I will endeavour to build the lesson content around these musical preferences; after all I want you to enjoy playing the music that we place in our lessons.

To book your first guitar lesson with me or to find out more simply email me on [email protected]. You can also use the contact form at the top of this page.

I am always happy to answer questions and talk with you more about your aims on the guitar before you book your first lesson.

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Gaining feedback on my guitar lessons from my students is really useful for me as a professional guitar teacher. You can provide detailed written feedback directly on my profile page by clicking on the reviews tab: Dan Hall – Teacher Reviews.

To find out more about my guitar lessons don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact information below:

e: [email protected] | Make an Enquiry

Location of my lessons

I teach the majority of my guitar lessons from my home teaching space located on New Belvedere Close in Stretford, Manchester (M32 0EG). It is a great place to learn to play the guitar, with a calm, relaxed environment. I have all the equipment we will need for our guitar lessons here. My teaching space is also accessible on public transport from across Manchester. The Derbyshire Lane Bus Stop is just a few moments walk away. There are direct buses from this stop using routes that start from Swinton, Piccadilly Gardens and Albert Square.

You can see where Guitar Lessons Manchester is based on the Google map below. My full teaching address will be provided upon booking your first guitar lesson with me.

Guitar Lessons Manchester Map

For more information don’t hesitate to email me on [email protected].

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Guitar Shops Manchester:

Here at Guitar Lessons Manchester, our students are always asking us where to buy quality guitar equipment from. Here is a list of some of the best local music shops Manchester has to offer!

PMT Manchester, located at The Red Rose Centre, Unit 5, Regent Road, Salford M5 3GR. Massive selection of guitar equipment, with the likes Ian Brown, Doves, Billy Sheehan and The Courteeners having bought equipment from the Manchester store.

Dawsons Manchester, located at 30 Portland Street Manchester M1 4GS. 500+ guitars to select from, with a high proportion of Gibson guitars as Dawsons are a leading Gibson dealer. Ideal for beginner to advanced guitarists.

Johnny Roadhouse, located at 123 Oxford Road All Saints Manchester M1 7DU. A 55-year-old Manchester based music store, with some great beginner guitar deals. Ideal for beginner guitarists looking to buy electric, acoustic or classical guitars.

Music Courses Manchester:

Manchester is known globally as one of the most musical cities on the planet. With some of the leading international bands of each generation hailing from the city. Yet the path to becoming a professional guitarist isn’t always the most straightforward – from some guitarists undertaking further education might be the right next step, thankful Manchester has a wealth of music courses that you can access.

From Music Diploma Courses at The Manchester College to a BA Hons in Music Technology from the University of Salford. The University of Manchester also has globally renowned music courses, including an undergraduate, masters and a PhD course. While higher education isn’t suitable for all aspiring guitarists it is certainly worth exploring if your aim is to become a professional musician or music teacher.

BIMM Manchester is also well worth checking out for aspiring professional guitarists, producing some of the best talents in the industry over the last few years.

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You can find other local guitar teachers based here in Manchester by searching the national music teacher database. Simply enter your postcode and select “Guitar” as your instrument of choice. It will then provide you with a map of nearby guitar teachers to your location. If you are a local guitar teacher based in Manchester then come and join the music teacher database by signing up here.