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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Norwich! Paul Crame is the leading guitar teacher for Guitar Lessons Norwich and caters for students of all ages and playing abilities. Paul’s lessons are based on Primrose Road, NR1 4AT in Norwich. Paul has been playing guitar for over 20 years and has been teaching it for 10 of those! He currently holds official teaching qualifications and can cater for all styles and genres. Click on his profile below to learn more about Paul as a teacher.

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Guitar Shops Norwich:

PMT Norwich, located 67 – 73 New Botolph Street, Noriwch, NR3 1DT is packed full of all things guitar. Here you’ll be able to pick from a large selection of different guitars (as well as other instruments) to find the perfect one that suits you and your style. PMT Norwich has been known to be ‘the best guitar shop in Norwich’ and even has a vault in store which has some high end guitars, worth a trip even just to peak through the bars of the Vault.

Cookes music store, located 34 St Benedicts Street, Norwich, NR2 4AQ is a family run business that has been going since 1887 and was opened by Arthur William Cooke. Here you will find a selections of guitars and any needed accessories to chose from to help you find the guitar thats right for you.

Supatone, located  2a Queens Road, Norwich, NR1 3PR is one of the coolest guitar shops we’ve ever seen! From all our students that have taken guitar lessons in Norwich, none have seen a wider variety of guitars than what is stocked at Supatone. They also have a number of signature guitar models to browse through. The shops also hosts bands and solo artists, who sometimes put on small performances in store.

Music Courses Norwich:

For more advanced guitarists looking at higher education courses might be a great way to develop your guitar playing further. Access Creative College offers a wide range of courses both for Music Production and Music Performance up to Level 3. These courses can include group performances, live shows and academic papers which can help you develop your guitar playing to that next step. Be sure to visit Access Creative at 114 Magdalen St, Norwich NR3 1JD and see if this is the right option for you.

University of East Anglia is another option if you are interested in the academic approach. Here you can choose from a wide range of music courses that cater for all areas within the Music Industry. The centre exists to encourage musical activity amongst UEA students and to allow musically-talented students a chance to improve and showcase their skills.