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Hello! My name is Alun Smith and I am a professional Guitar teacher based in Reading.

Having performed and recorded guitar for many years I now provide guitar lessons to all those looking to learn how to play or improve their skills!

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Alun Burnet Smith

I have performed and toured extensively for around 25+ years supporting bands like Biffy Clyro, Coheed and Cambria and Taking Back Sunday.

With a wide range of playing experience behind me I am able to cater for all styles of music. Whether this is Rock, Metal, Alternative, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Fingerstyle, Classical and Acoustic. All styles can be catered for!

The lessons I provide are designed to cater for students of all abilities and skill levels. Whether you're looking to pick up a guitar for the first time or just improve your skills, I can help.

Lessons take place in my home studio. Easy to find location based not too far from Meadway Sports Centre. On street parking available.

Guitar Lesson Prices

I provide both Skype lessons and Private lessons too, the former being slightly cheaper in price. If your schedule is busy and time is strict Skype lessons can make this easier!

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1/2 Hour Private Lessons


Half hour lessons tend to suit younger children and those who have a busier schedule.

1 Hour Private Lessons


Hour lessons allow for a more detailed explanation of topics and generally allow for better progress!

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Guitar Teacher

My lessons are designed to be fun, informative and friendly. My aim is to improve on all aspects of guitar playing both in a live and studio setting.

I've been involved with a multitude of recordings on EPs and Albums. As well as being featured on Radio Broadcasts and touring internationally with bands like Alkaline Trio, Avenged Sevenfold, Zebrahead and many others. This experience allows me to provide you with thorough and detailed explanation as well as practical demonstration!

Due to many years playing experience I am very comfortable and fluent in playing in a whole arrange of styles and genres. Whether this be rock or acoustic fingerstyle, whatever your taste the lessons are catered to your style.

The lessons provided are appropriate for all ages from around 10+. I find that this is a good age to allow for steady progress. Sometimes younger students attention can wander and practising can be difficult although it is still possible for younger children to start.

It is my passion and goal to share my skills and experience with other players to help them improve their abilities or to start from scratch and achieve those guitar playing dreams! Whatever level you're at, get in touch if you'd like to jam and start your journey to being a rockstar!

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Location of Lessons

Lessons take place in my home studio which is located very close to the Meadway Sports Centre and Thames Valley School. On street parking is available and there are frequent spaces.

My teaching studio is located on The Meadway Reading RG30 4AP.

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Local Guitar Teacher Tips:

Music Shops in Reading:

If you are in need of any instruments or equipment there are many music stores around Reading for you to try.

Hickies Music is a great music store located in the City Centre, 153 Friar St, Reading RG1 1HE. Easy to find store which offers a wide selection of instruments and accessories. All you'll need to get started or to find that new guitar you've always wanted.

Dawsons Music is a large chain of stores that spread across the country. Here you will find a huge selection from 100s of guitars, as well as amplifiers, straps, strings, everything you could need. Very helpful and friendly staff who will often let you try out guitars which is great if you're not certain about which guitar you're looking for. Located 65 Caversham Rd, Reading RG1 8AD.

Music Man is a quaint small business that provides a selection of instruments and recording gear. As well as a large selection of vinyl records if you're looking to expand your tastes. Here is also an option to sell your old instruments for cash which can help you towards that next guitar. Located 207 Oxford Rd, Reading RG1 7PX, Music Man is worth a try!

Music Courses in Reading:

Depending on what stage of your life you are at, there are music courses available in Reading if you would like to take the guitar into a full-time study. The University of Reading offers a huge selection of music courses up to the graduate level and sometimes above. These courses vary both from the Production side of music as well as the Performance element too. No matter which path you want to go down looking into courses here can be a great way to move on to that next step!

Berkshire Maestros have a guitar academy which offers two options. The debut or the Intermediate. either course would cater to you whether you're just starting or looking to improve. A very helpful musical school which is definitely worth taking a look at.

Reading College also provide a large selection of music courses from Level 2 upwards. This is a highly rated college that can provide further insight and study into the world of music. These courses are a great way of improving your overall musicianship as well as playing ability.

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