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Hello! My name is George and I am a professional guitar teacher based in Scarborough.

I build exciting guitar lessons around your own musical tastes.

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George Howle

I like to make sure all of my lessons are of the highest quality for all of my students. I really feel that this is the key to improving at a steady rate.

I have a vast amount of experience in teaching students of all ages. I would recommend starting to learn the guitar no younger than age 5.

Whilst is specialise in classical I also offer a wide range of other genres that I can teach you to a very high level.

I have spent quite some time studying contemporary styles such as Jazz so if this is something you are interested in I would love to help.

Guitar Lesson Prices

I offer affordable guitar lessons in a wide range of styles in the Scarborough area. For more information about my lessons please look below.

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1/2 Hour Lessons


I would mostly recommend my half-hour lessons for young learners who wish to learn the guitar. Half-hour lessons are also more suited to those who prefer to learn little and often. In that case, sometimes two half-hour lessons per week is a good idea.

1 Hour Lessons


My hour lessons are my most popular option & I would recommend this option for anyone who wants to see some steady progress over a short amount of time. Hour lessons can be suited to beginners and advanced players.

What my students say

& why they love my guitar lessons


'I met and started working with George around 6 years ago, when I was working with my band. We were searching for a new guitarist and I was told about a wonderful young classical musician who might be interested in playing with us. As soon as George started with us it was instantly clear that he was, even back then, technically extremely gifted.'


'I’ve had lessons with George for a couple of months now and I can already play one of my favourite songs. Before I contacted George I struggled learning from a book as I had no one to keep me motivated. Having George give me homework keeps me practicing as I know he’ll be able to tell if I haven’t paid it my due attention. I can hear the difference in the sound I am producing to know I’ve picked the right teacher for me.'

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 253 reviews)

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'I can vouch for George being a highly talented guitarist with extensive experience as both a soloist and ensemble player, across a broad range of styles. He has outstanding technical ability and is an engaging and highly skilled musician. He is a very approachable and friendly guy too.'

About Your New
Guitar Teacher

More information about my informative guitar lessons for all ages.

I began teaching at the age of 18, just before going to study at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I honed my teaching skills whilst still a student myself and have since had many pupils, from children to middle-aged people, with various interests and abilities

Coming from a classical background and having studied more contemporary styles including jazz, I can cater to whatever genre a student is interested in, whilst emphasising key fundamentals such as reading notation and basic harmonic understanding.

I like to make sure that my lessons are as enjoyable as possible for all of my students. I find that when you enjoy learning something that you will make very fast progress.

As well as years of playing experience I am also a qualified teacher who holds a degree in Music. I will use this experience to make sure your lessons are always of the highest quality.

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Location of Lessons

I currently take my lessons from my home teaching space located on Grosvenor Rd, Scarborough, YO11 2NA. I believe that this is a great place to learn because you will feel comfortable and at home whilst learning. It is well connected by public transport as well.

My full address will be disclosed upon booking your first lesson.

Local Guitar Teacher Tips:

Music Shops in Scarborough:

Thankfully we are luck enough to have a good selection of music and guitar stores in the area, here are some of my favourites.

Guitar Galleries is probably the best shop in the area that specialises in guitars. They have a wide range of both acoustics and electrics and the staff are always very helpful. You can find them on 11 Bar St, Scarborough YO11 2HT.

Mancini's Music is a small independent music store that caters to a wide range of musicians. Everyone who has visited this store always comments on how professional & helpful the owner is. The shop is located on 22 Franklin St, Scarborough YO12 7JU.

Knight Music is another great all-round music store where you can purchase everything from guitars & basses to picks and accessories. They are located on 17 Victoria Rd, Scarborough YO11 1SP.

Music Venues in Scarborough:

There is a vibrant music scene in Scarborough and these are some of the best spots for live music in the city. .

Scarborough Open Air Theatre Is probably one of the biggest venues which can attract acts from all over the world in a wide range of different genres. The venue can be found on Burniston Rd, Scarborough YO12 6PF.

The Merchant Irish Bar Is another great pub/venue. This place specialises in pub live styled music. You will often find many guitarists and singers performing live here. They are located at 27-29 Eastborough, Scarborough YO11 1NG.

Lastly Apollo Venue Is a venue where you can find plenty of live music almost every night of the week. Here you will mostly find a wide range of rock and metal bands. The venue is located on 77-79 Castle Rd, Scarborough YO11 1EE.

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