How to Submit Guitar Rig Equipment

(1) Share the item of equipment that the guitarist uses. For example, Matt Bellamy uses a Zvex Fuzz Factory pedal.

(2) Share the evidence that they use it. For example, here is a YouTube video of Matt’s guitar tech, Jason Baskin talking through Matt’s rig and he mentions that Matt uses a Zvex Fuzz Factory:

(3) Share as much detail as you can about it. For example, Matt Bellamy first discovered the Fuzz Factory in Japan and it has featured in multiple Muse songs since. Most famously, it has been used for the intro to Plug In Baby as well as the sound just before the Blackout solo. Indeed, it was Matt’s go-to guitar pedal distortion for the Origin of Symmetry and Absolution albums, with its sound so synonymous with Muse it is often seen by Muse fans as a must-have guitar pedal to replicate Matt’s sound.

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