Guitar Lessons Exeter (

MGR Music is excited to announce that today we launched our first guitar lessons location site – Guitar Lessons Exeter! The newly designed guitar lessons templates totally ┬ádo the business, the site simply looks amazing. I have been plugging in the website copy today, enjoying writing about everything from Guitar Shops in Exeter to Exeter’s most famous bands!

Guitar Lessons Exeter (
Guitar Lessons Exeter – first location site launched!

This first website really marks the beginning of a three month process of launching fifty such websites across the UK. With each website taking one to two days to write the copy for progress will be steady – the results will be well worth it in six months though!

Our first site of course had to be launched in Exeter, the original location of the business. Will update you with the progress as it goes!

As small update in 2017 is that we have now launched a national Music Teacher website, after the success of locational websites like Guitar Lessons Exeter. The new national website, which will be a database of active music teachers, includes dedicate pages like a Guitar Lessons Exeter page detailing all local guitar teachers who have signed up to be included on the database. I am really excited to see how it develops over the next few years!

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