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Earlier in the week, I was fortunate enough to pay a visit to Hot Jam Studios, based on an industrial estate in central Loughborough. Founded by Colm Foxon, an experienced and enthusiastic musician, the studio has quickly grown in reputation in the area to become one of the leading providers of guitar, bass & drum tuition, alongside its multi-purpose use as a recording and rehearsal space.

Musicians and students will appreciate how well equipped the studio is, clearly carefully designed by Colm to create a fantastic learning and recording environment. Colm explain how he had taken the space on as a former storage unit, repurposing it as an ideal space for musicians – indeed, you only have to read a few of Hot Jam Studio’s reviews to see how well received it has been by musicians; for example Thomas Bramwell noted that Hot Jam Studios is “5 out of 5 stars, chilled, accommodating and relaxed, can’t ask for a better place”, while Martin Beadle reported that “facilities are bang on. Smart, tidy studio, friendly and knowledgeable owner. Making this a regular gig space.”

Colm Foxon - Drum Teacher Loughborough
Colm Foxon – Drum, Guitar & Bass Teacher

Functioning as a recording and rehearsal space, for local musicians and bands Colm also provides music tuition for students learning how to play drums, guitar or bass guitar at Hot Jam Studios. Welcoming students of all ages and abilities on all three instruments, Colm offers structured lessons, covering an array of different musical styles and genres. He is also able to provide tuition to help his students undertake Rockschool graded examinations should they wish to – though this is certainly not compulsory and many students simply learn for their own enjoyment.

With easy access to the studio for many University of Loughborough students, as well as the general public, a highly qualified teacher to help you and a first-class learning environment to take lessons in Hot Jam Studios has nailed how to provide quality music tuition for all. This is combined with Colm’s vision to continue to develop and drive the studios forward, perhaps by one day creating a second teaching room and bringing in other tutors to increase the numbers of instruments and students taught. There is little doubt that Hot Jam Studios has a very bright future with Colm at the helm.

If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, bass or drums in Loughborough or Leicestershire, why not reach out to Colm to see what he can offer you. In addition, Hot Jam Studios provides a fantastic location for bands to record and rehearse, so if you are a Loughborough based band looking for a high quality and reasonably priced rehearsal space then Hot Jam Studios is the place for you!

Hot Jam Studio

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