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Congratulations on being accepted into the music teacher database. We are delighted to include your profile alongside hundreds of other professional music teachers across the globe.

In the article below, we answer common questions that music teachers ask about how works when they sign up. If you have a question that is not answered here please email [email protected] and we would be delighted to answer it for you.

How do I get enquiries?

All contact form and email enquiries made on your profile are sent to the admin team. Our team will then forward the enquiry onto you, directly to your personal email address enabling you to communicate directly with the student to arrange lessons.

This cuts out a huge amount of spam for teacher that we get sent and enables us to know where we are getting the most enquiries so we can continue to develop the platform with the knowledge of what is working in terms of enquiry generation. is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office ( – Organisation name: MGR Music Tuition LTD, Registration reference: ZA064389) in the UK so follows government obligations and guidelines on data protection and confidentiality on all data regardless of geographical origin.

How do I get more enquiries?

Depending on a teacher’s location, the instrument that they teach, the prices that they charge and the services that they offer enquiry numbers can vary. To maximise the number of enquiries that you get we would recommend promoting your profile on social media and using Google Adwords to drive more traffic to your profile.

We would also recommend creating offline promotion materials to increase the number of sources that enquiries can come from. Working closely with local music stores, schools and higher education providers can enable you great spaces to promote your music teaching services directly to prospective students.

It is also worth exploring where you prospective students/parents of students might gather. For example, we know several music teachers that have been able to generate a lot of students by advertising in locations where parents wait for their children to return after doing activities like swimming, football and hockey. In many cases, the parent waiting has another child who might be interested in learning to play a musical instrument.

Understanding your target audience like this enables you to tap into sources of enquiry generation that can help you grow your student numbers massively. If you are interested in discussing with other music teachers about how to generate more private students, both online and off-line, do get involved in the music teacher forum here:

I haven’t got enquiries yet – is there something wrong?

Not at all, there are many factors that determine enquiry numbers. For example, as we go through the year we see peaks in enquiry numbers during January, due to New Year’s resolutions and Christmas presents, and September, to coincide with the start of the academic year. With other months, for example, April, being comparatively quieter in terms of enquiry numbers coming through. This is just one small aspect of the seasonal nature of enquiry number peaks and troughs.

Other factors including lesson prices, the location of lessons, instruments taught can influence enquiry numbers. Once combined this helps to gain an understanding of why a teacher might have more or fewer enquiries coming through at any one point.

In summary, there is likely to be nothing wrong with your profile – though improving the profile by sending through more content, media and images always helps. We always send enquiries through to teachers as soon as they come in on their profiles, so we will certainly contact you as soon as an enquiry does come in for you.

How can I edit my music teacher profile?

Teachers cannot directly edit their own profiles, so please email any amendments to [email protected] and we would be more than happy to add/edit/delete any content on your profile for you. We are normally able to do this within 2 working days.

What is the “Community” area for?

The area of the website is a forum for music teachers to share ideas of best practice, seek advice and provide support. The platform includes extensive forums on many of the common challenges we all face as professional music teachers, from how to reduce lesson cancellations to where to find the best resources for lessons.

You can login and get involved in these forums by using the information that we provided to you when you signed up. If you are unsure of your community login details simply email [email protected] and we can help you with this. It also doubles up as a great online space to network with other music teachers based across the globe. Find out more by checking out the forums yourself:


Do you have another question unanswered above? Email it to [email protected] and we will answer it for you & add it to this support guide for future teachers to reference.