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I am proud to announce that MGR Music Tuition is now a platinum corporate member of Incorporated Society of Musicians. Like so many of my fellow music teachers I have invested my entire life’s work into the music education sector, firstly as an individual professional guitar teacher and as now working with many hundreds of music teachers across the UK.

With all our careers so intertwined with the music sector, I felt that working with the Incorporated Society of Musicians to help give true representation for musicians to the government was critical.

Why is it that DBS Checks are so hard to apply for as an individual private music teacher? What is the impact of music funding cuts to local schools? How can music teachers work more closely with local councils to ensure noise levels from music lessons are not a problem for neighbours? These are just a few of the questions I am asked by music teachers, highlighting the direct relationship between government and local government policy and our everyday music tuition that private music teachers offer.

We can now be a force for change, to try and address some of these issues and more directly with those who have the power to do something about it. This is why I place our relationship with the Incorporated Society of Musicians as core to our business principles, as we should be a positive voice for change to help ensure that every individual in the UK, child or adult, has the opportunity to play a musical instrument should they wish to.

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