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iReadGuitar is a newly released app for iPhone and Android that will “guide guitarists towards playing standard musical notation at sight efficiently and confidently” – in short, if you are a guitarist still relying on guitar tablature but interested in being able to read notes on the stave this is the app for you!

Created by a Leicester based music educator Julian Wright the app has undergone many years of development before being released in 2017. The course is organised into 60 sections, with new elements being slowly introduced to enable you to absorb the information as you go.

The free taster version of the iRead app has sixteen lessons to help you learn to sight read music, as well as introducing you to how the app will enable you to perfect the three principles of good sight-reading (Read ahead, Don’t name the notes & Keep your eyes on the score!).

The iReadGuitar Pro offers the full course of 60 sections for £1.99, ensuring that as you play through the exercises you build up an understanding of how to sight read the music presented. Here at we have tested the app and believe it would be a fantastic resource both for teachers and music students to use, it is well priced and easily accessible for students of age 10+ upwards of all levels.

The accompaniments are all on the beat. They are chords or single notes, and give a solid reassuring basis to play along with, alongside informative and useful information screens that provide structure to the course content. As a student progresses through the course a new musical element is added – this can be a note, a rhythm, a key signature, a time signature, a rest, an accidental or a tie. For each new musical element there are 4 exercises to practice it with.

Why not test the free taster app for Android ( or iPhone ( or get in touch with the founder of the app directly via the information below!

Contact: [email protected]


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