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Since 2001 Jam Academy has offered to more than 5000 students the opportunity to discover and enhance their musical talent. The courses are divided into Basic Courses and Higher Education: Bachelor of Arts in Performance and Bachelor of Arts in Technology and Production.

Jam Academy releases academic qualifications recognized by the London Performers Examination Board and accredited by BTEC Pearson (an english institution for academic and professional qualifications), University of Bedfordshire, Trinity College (Examination Board, British Certification Authority.

Thanks to these partnerships Jam Academy horizons have broadened, focusing greatly on the issues of quality, innovation, realistic needs of the music industry and internationalization.

In 2012 Jam Academy first introduced in her courses the new teaching methods of the Music Aptitude Development (M.A.D.) system. In this method the people doing music is seen as a whole, as doing music is a complex endeavour concerning both physical and psychological abilities.

Would you like to study music abroad in Italy?

About our Exchange Programs

Since its birth Jam Academy has been run keeping in mind its first objective: becoming a worldwide reality in music education. Our vocational views of music teaching (Thanks to the MAD System – Music Aptitude Development) and our extremely organized internal structure allowed Jam Academy to grow over the years, both in the sheer number of students and international recognization.

Since 2016 we launched an exchange program between our students and foreign guest students. Our Structure resides in one of the major Italian cities, a cradle of a very fervent musical scene, thanks to the legacy of the most famous Italian composer, Giacomo Puccini, who lived and died in Lucca.

For more information visit our website www.centromusicajam.it and select the Italian / English language.


Jam Academy

Via di Tiglio 1369/d S. Filippo

55100 Lucca – Italy

+39 0583 95.75.66

www.centromusicajam.it | [email protected]

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