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We are delighted to tell you about the great work Keep Music Alive has been doing both in North America, as well as globally. Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Vincent James & Joann Pierdomenico Keep Music Alive’s vision has been, much like ours: to promote music tuition of all types to a new generation of learners. Keep Music Alive, believe that “every child deserves the opportunity to learn how to play music and every adult needs to be reminded that its never to late to start playing” – something that will resonate with many of us as music teachers.

To help support this mission on Monday, March 19th 2018, the organisation is celebrating the 4th Annual International Teach Music Week.

During this week, they invite musicians, music schools, music retail locations, private & parochial schools, private instructors and music & movement programs around the world to offer a complimentary introductory class or lesson to new, interested students (kids and/or adults).

The idea is to prompt those who have been thinking about taking up vocals, dance, an instrument or music class, to take the plunge and try it out! Their hope is that some of those taking advantage of the free offer will continue long after the month of March is over.

Keep Music Alive invites you to participate in this year’s Teach Music Week (it’s free)! There were over 600 participating locations in 2017 in all 50 United States and Canada (more information here:, and this year Keep Music Alive is aiming to go global and hoping to reach over 1,000 locations worldwide, helping to create more awareness for music education and the establishments involved, including yours.

So mark your calendars and let Keep Music Alive know if you would like to participate. As a community of music teachers, there is nothing better than helping promote music tuition as a whole – especially as learning to play a musical instrument faces tough competition in the modern world, with the likes of Netflix, X-Box, YouTube and many other online activities drawing the focus of younger generations who would have once played music – or dare I say it, played sport outside!

Your music community needs you to help compete with these platforms that provide users with “immediate satisfaction”, to show that there is real value in dedicating time and practice to learning a musical instrument as it provides a deeper and more meaningful satisfaction that contributes to happiness and well-being. Get involved today by following the contact information below to see what you can do to help.

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