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We are delighted to feature London Music Factory as our music school of the week. Founded in 2014 by JP McIvor London Music Factory provides music tuition to students of all ages and abilities across the Greater London area. JP manages a team of dedicated and well-qualified music teachers, able to teach a wide range of different musical instruments – including; bass lessons, drum lessons, music theory lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons and singing lessons.

Many of these teachers, who are all are music graduates from University and fully certified to teach music, are able to provide mobile music lessons enable students to learn in the comfort of their own homes across London. This is ideal for students who learn well in a familiar environment, as well as students with transport/mobility challenges – opening up the possibility of learning a musical instrument to students of all ages. Music lessons are also able to be arranged at some of the LMF teacher’s teaching spaces, should students find this more convenient.

The quality of London Music Factory’s tuition is highlighted by the company’s glowing reviews, with students noting that the school has “brilliant, creative and kind teachers. Can’t recommend highly enough” (Emma Beck) and “I am very pleased to highly recommend JP McIvor from the London Music Factory as a really competent and inspiring guitar teacher” (Tom Cook). Indeed, students have really benefited from LMF ability to match them with an ideal teacher, with Rob Bishop “how helpful London Music Factory was in finding me the right tutor for my guitar learning needs”.

London Music Factory

I was fortunate enough to speak directly with JP about his experience in running a music tuition business in London, specifically exploring how LMF was able to provide such high-quality tuition to students despite the challenges that students face finding time to practice outside of lessons.

JP explained how the school used practice schedules designed to help students practice at least 20 minutes per day, with timetables scheduled to the minute, were incredibly effective in ensuring students progressed between lessons. This philosophy, that playing music often, for short periods during the week, rather than trying to sit down on a Sunday for a two-hour practice having not touched the guitar since the lesson, will be one the resonates with other music teachers who have had success in encouraging their students to practice more.

JP’s enthusiasm to help his students learn how to better manage their time to ensure that despite the distractions of the social media, the internet and modern life, time can be carved out to learn play music. This is backed up with practice logs for students, with JP noting that a “musicians best friend is a stopwatch and a metronome”, both of which will help students of all levels hone their skills effectively. These simple but effective ideas serve as great advice to other music teachers, as well as exemplifies why students should seek out LMF as a leading edge music school in London to study at.

JP also highlighted the importance of having a holistic approach to teaching music, incorporating skill sets into the lesson’s content that would help more advanced learners prepare for higher education courses or a career as a professional musician. Lesson content on website building, something that is such a valuable asset in today’s world, demonstrates this commitment to exploring the variety of tools that individuals need to build a career in music.

Following Maclom Gladwell’s “10,000 hour” philosophy detailed in Outliers, detailed in a great summary video above for those who are interested, JP highlighted his great belief that whatever you wish to achieve in life – whether it is learning to play a musical instrument, founding a music school or becoming a “rockstar” – there is nothing better than getting out there and starting the journey, after all, as JP notes “it is what you learn after you know it all that counts”.

If you are interested in starting to learn to play a musical instrument in London why not reach out to London Music Factory to find out how they can help you succeed. Their highlight qualified teachers will be able to help you develop the skills needed to play music, whether as hobby or for more advanced musicians as a career. For more information simply get in touch with them using the information below.

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Address: London Music Factory, 20-22 Wenlock Road, Islington, London, N1 7GU

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