Lucca International Choir Festival

We are delighted to let you know about the Lucca International Choir Festival (LICF) which will see its second edition in May 2019 (20-21-22-23 May).

LICF is an annual non-competitive event that takes place over 4 days in May. Participation is open to Choirs and Vocal Ensemble of all parts of the world with a repertoire of classical, modern, religious or traditional tradition.

The festival includes 5 concerts in exclusive locations of high historical and cultural value: churches, squares and theatres. Choirs who wish to participate can request their presence for all the activities included in the program or they can choose a single event within 4 days of the festival.

The choirs will sing: Cittadella Square Lucca | San Michele Square Lucca | Anfiteatro Square Lucca | Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta Pisa (Miracoli Square) | Giglio’s Theater Lucca

Currently, Riccardo Morici, Director of the Lucca International Choir Festival, is looking for 1 non-Italian choir that has the desire to participate in the Lucca International Choir Festival – May 2019. The foreign choir will not have to pay any participation fee.┬áRegistrations for May 2019 (20-21-22-23 May 2019) are now open!

We warmly invite all choirs from across the UK and internationally to visit

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Grazie mille per l’articolo! Felici di avere un coro estero come ospite del Lucca International Choir Festival a maggio 2019.

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