Marshall HQ to celebrate Milton Keynes’s 50th Anniversary

Marshall MK 50th birthday

Legendary amp makers Marshall¬†will be hosting a celebration of Milton Keynes’s 50th birthday by putting on a spectacular day at their Headquarters. Marshall are looking for guitarists who are interested in performing alongside amateur and professional guitarists in Marshall’s iconic theatre – this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, with each guitarist being presented with a limited edition Gold MS2.

Lucky individuals will also get the chance to tour the factory, as well as try out Marshall amps and buy merchandise. The event will take place on the 27th September 2017 & you will need to bring your guitar to the event. To book your place as one of the 50 lucky guitarists you will need to contact [email protected] – it will be “first come, first play” so you will need to be quick to get in touch!

As many guitarists know, Marshall are one of the most recognisable amp makers in the world – but few know that founder, Jim Marshall, was actually a drum teacher before he started making the amps! Convinced by guitarists like Pete Townsend that the amps on the market way back in the 1960s weren’t producing the sound quality or volume needed Jim set about trying to build better quality amplification. Managing to find a signature sound, often described as the “Marshall Crunch” the amps took off, with Marshall amplification becoming the amp of choice for some of the biggest bands in the work during the 70s, 80s, 90s and today.

The Marshall factory is based in Bletchely, Milton Keynes – with the company having a long history of being involved in the community, from supporting activity clubs to sponsoring MK Dons. Their workshop and theatre has been described as “a real jewel hidden away in Bletchely” and that the “the accoustics of the theatre were amazing” – so it is well worth visiting in its own right if you have the opportunity. For those not able to make it you can view this tour of the factor below:


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Marshall HQ to celebrate MK 50th Anniversary
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