Maunders School of Popular Music

We are thrilled to feature Maunders School of Popular Music as our music school of the week. Based in the Monsall area of north-Manchester the school was founded in 2008 by Neil Maunder to create the ideal learning environment for students of all ages and ability to develop on their chosen instrument.

The school is able to offer guitar, bass guitar, drum, singing and piano lessons, working with an experienced and versatile team of music teachers. Neil Maunder, who himself is an established guitar teacher having worked at Access to Music and Trafford College and tutored students like Martin Finnigan from The Rainband, is joined by Molly Maher, a specialist in popular vocals and piano, Callum Witts, a popular guitar & piano teacher able to provide in-depth lessons on music software software such as logic, CUBASE and pro tools.

These are just to highlight three of the 10+ teachers that Maunders School of Popular Music has to offer, with a common theme running through all teachers – qualified, specialists in their fields with a passion for helping students to learn music. Many of the teachers are experienced musicians, like drum teacher Johnny Banyard who is the alternative rock band, Ten Foot Wizard and indie guitar tutor Trevor Curley who has played for the successful Manchester band, The High Nines.

In addition, the sheer breadth of music genres that Maunders School of Popular Music can offer lessons on with dedicated and experienced teachers is seriously impressive – highlighted by the opera and classical piano lessons offered by Chris Gascoyne and the jazz, funk & hip-hop keyboard lessons offered by Zlatan Pasalic.

With such a team of teachers, combined with excellent facilities, Maunders School of Popular Music is certainly worth contacting if you are interested in developing your musical ability in the Manchester area.

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