Music at the Vault, Hexham

Dear friends,

I am writing to let you know about a brand new venue that is opening very soon in Hexham. It is called the Vault and will be a new place for music to be heard. In the best tradition of small music venues it is underground; a cellar that has been converted by owner Ben Haslam, owner of the Haslam Art Gallery in Hexham. I thought  you might like to take a look at the attached flyer advertising the first event.

Ruth Lambert is an amazing singer from Tyneside who sings the Great American Songbook – the songs of Gershwin, Porter, Kern and so on – Summertime, Fly Me To The Moon and all those great Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra favourites.

The Vault is an ideal place to hear this stuff as it is a lovely intimate space with a great PA and surroundings – the tables with candles, a waitress to serve your drinks at table and so on.

The intention is to run a monthly if not bimonthly show and build up a great clientele who keep  coming back for more. We have some superb acts lined up – Bob Fox, famous for his work with the National Theatre hit Warhorse, in which he appeared as the Songman, Rod Clements, the Lindis Farne hit maker and others too.

Should you fancy a great night out at a fab new venue, you can buy tickets from the gallery or through me – I will send them out to you. Either way, I do hope  you will come along and enjoy this fantastic new space.

Many thanks for reading

All best