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Piano Lessons Belfast

Hello! My name is David and I am an experienced piano teacher based in Belfast. I have been teaching the piano for over five years and I would be delighted to help you to learn to play the piano too.

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David Hernandez - Professional Piano Teacher

Piano Lessons Belfast Teacher - David Hernandez
My Mission

High Quality Piano Lessons

Lessons are tailored to suit each pupil, helping them learn the piano through the music that they love to play. Lessons are fun, engaging and well-structured.

Whether you are a complete beginner or are interested in taking graded piano exams I can help you succeed. I have many years experience performing and developing my ability as a pianist, having studied a "Creación Musical" (Musical Creation) degree in Madrid.

After relocating to Belfast I started a full-time job as a keyboard player in a wedding band called The Professionals, alongside my private piano lessons. My work as a professional pianist enables me to really help my students rapidly progress on the piano, developing the skills and knowledge required to play with confidence.


Coolfin St, Belfast, BT12 5PH

Piano Teacher

David Hernandez
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My Lessons

Enjoy Learning

I like to make sure my lessons are always as enjoyable as possible for all of my students and I offer tuition in a wide range of styles as well as making sure we learn the songs that you love.

My lessons are built around the music you love and enjoy as well as making sure we aim towards the goals that you want to achieve. I can teach both young learners and adults and I approach our lesson plan exactly the same way regardless. The lessons are built around you.


£25 per hour

Lessons are pay-as-you-go, weekly, fortnightly or as suits you.

Beginners & Advanced Students Welcome

I welcome both beginners and advanced learners in a wide range of genres and styles & will make a personalised lesson plan for you.

Lesson Focus
Beginners Welcome

I welcome students of all ability levels.

My Experience as a Teacher

Hello, I am a professional musician. My history with the music starts with my dad, he introduced me to the guitar when I was 10, and I quite liked it, but the music was just a hobby by that time. It wasn't until the age of 16 that I decided to start playing piano, my vision about music completely changed and became a passion to me.

I started just taking what I learned from the guitar and applied it to the piano. One day I met someone that showed me the G blues scale. I learnt how to improvise, and so I started to develop my improvisation in other genres like pop, rock, jazz, etc.

Improvising made me feel great, because I could create my own music without a paper in front of me, and that is one of the things that I want to show my students. Improvising is the base of composing for those who love creating their own songs, and you don't need to know much music theory to create your own songs.

Lessons Focus
All Styles

I teach a wide range of genres and styles

More About My Lessons

I think the best way to learn music is playing with other musicians. I have been playing with other bands occasionally, but The Professionals is the band that I play with 95% of the gigs that I do.

These past years I have been teaching friends and family, all of them beginners, so I tried helping them to understand the piano in two basic parts: Chords and Scales. With those 2 things, they could play any song that they wanted.

As a musician what I love the most is to play with a band, but I love teaching too. I love seeing how my students keep improving and enjoy music as much as I do.

I am able to respond quickly to student enquiries, helping new students to find a time slot that works well for both of us. I also work hard to ensure new students feel at ease during their first lesson, it is okay to be a little nervous.

Teacher Tips
Music Shops

Shops in the local area

Music Shops in Belfast

Belfast has always had a long rich history of music and that has carried on to today. Belfast has a great music scene and some great music stores to match it. Here are some of the best ones available.

Dawsons, located at 121-125 Royal Avenue Belfast BT1 1FF. Great range of acoustic and digital pianos, including brands like Yamaha, Roland, Kawai. Ideal for pianists of all levels.

Matchetts Music, piano store is located on 38 Wellington Pl, Belfast BT1 6GF. Packed full of acoustic, digital and hybrid pianos - as well as concert-quality pianos - you are really spoiled for choice. Matchetts Music also stock a good range of sheet music and accessories for all your piano playing needs.

Belfast Music, located at Unit 24, Hanwood Business Park, Kings Road, Belfast. BT16 1DE also boasts a great range of pianos and keyboards, as well as sheet music covering a wide range of different genres.

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Piano Lessons Belfast Teacher - David Hernandez
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I can help you to

I can help you rapidly progress all aspects of playing. Together we will explore everything from song work to technique and even hel build your confidence. I will make a lesson plan that best suits your needs as a player and a learner. For more information, feel free to send me an email.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

My lessons are charged at £25 per hour for all students.

I take most of my lessons from my home teaching space in the BT12 5PH area.

I offer my high quality lessons to students of all ages (5+) in a wide range of styles and genres.

I recommend weekly lessons for the best progress but you are more than welcome to take lessons as and when you like.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you will still be charged for the lesson. If you give enough notice you're more than welcome to change the day/time of your lesson.

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Piano Lessons Belfast Music Studio Address


Coolfin St, Belfast, BT12 5PH
Teaching Space
I teach my lessons from a home teaching space based in central Belfast (Coolfin Street, BT12 5PH). It is a great place to learn to play the piano, with easy walking distance from the city centre. My full teaching address will be provided upon your first lesson booking. I also offer online piano lessons to students who are interested in learning in the comfort of their own homes.
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Piano Teacher

David Hernandez
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