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Learn to play the piano with experienced teacher Jája Vlčková.

Professional Piano Teacher
Located in Londonderry

Hello! My name is Jája and I am a professional piano teacher located in Londonderry.

I offer high quality piano lessons in a wide range of genres to students all over the Derry area.

jája.vlčková@[email protected]

Jája Vlčková

I like to make sure my lessons are always of a high quality. I want all of my students to enjoy every lesson they take.

I offer lessons to students of all ages and have experience in teaching all ages. I would recommend starting to learn from ages 8 and above though.

I love all kinds of music and I try to reflect this in my teaching. I can teach a wide range of genres from classical to pop.

If you need help with learning music theory then please let me know. I have a developed understanding of music theory and can help you with anything you may be stuck on.

Piano Lesson Prices

High-quality piano lessons built around your own musical tastes offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

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1/2 Hour Lessons


My half-hour lessons are best suited to young learners under the age of 12 who perhaps don't have the best attention span or those who prefer to learn in small amounts. Sometimes even two lessons per week can be a good option.

1 Hour Lessons


Hour long lessons are by far the most popular option with the majority of my students choosing this option. Usually, a one hour lesson once per week is enough to see some really great progress over a few months.

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Piano Lessons Teacher

Informative Piano lessons helping you better your playing and understanding of the piano.

I am an extensively qualified teacher who has studied piano for more than 7 years. I learnt to play classical, folk and pop music and developed an understanding of music theory. I am also currently studying music at the Nerve Centre Derry.

I pride myself on making sure my lessons are enjoyable for all of my students. I believe that students who enjoy their lessons will always make faster progress when learning.

Although I do specialise in teaching beginners, I also offer lessons to more intermediate players. I can help you iron out any aspects of your playing you are looking to improve

Currently I am a mobile teacher which means that I will travel to you for your lessons. Learning from home is generally a comfortable way to learn which is essential to learning the piano.

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Location of Lessons

I am currently a mobile teacher which means I will travel to you for your lessons. I feel this is great as it helps my students feel more comfortable whilst learning. This will generally lead to better progress.

For more information about mobile lessons please send me an email.

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Local Piano Teacher Tips:

Music Shops in Derry:

There are a few options when it comes to music stores in Derry / Londonderry. The following are some of the best options I have found during my time here.

Henderson Music is a great store that caters to guitar players, vocalists, Pianists and everything else. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player they will definitely be able to help you get started. The shop is located on 11 Bishop St, The Diamond, Londonderry BT48 6PL.

Cool Discs Is the only other option if you are looking for something music based in the area. This shop is actually a record store but if you are looking for some inspiration or listening material then this is the place to be. You can find them at Lesley House, 6, Foyle St, Londonderry BT48 6AP.

Music Courses in Londonderry:

There are Plenty of music courses in Derry / Londonderry to help musicians improve their skills and become a highly qualified professional in the music industry.

Movin Music Academy offers some great music industry-based courses for those who want to gain experience in music production. They have a variety of courses available from music production to learning to DJ.

Ulster University Has the best degree option when it comes to music in the area which will prepare you fully for a career in the music industry. For more information on the courses, they offer please check out their website.

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