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Hello! My name is Meike Holzmann and I am a professional piano teacher based in Liverpool.

I offer high quality piano lessons to students of all ages in the Liverpool area.

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Meike Holzmann

I like to maintain a high standard of teaching throughout all of my lessons. I like to make sure all of my students get the best tuition that I can offer.

I have a great amount of experience in teaching all ages of student. I currently teach students from ages 6 and above.

I teach a wide range of genres including Classical, Pop, Rock & Folk. I feel it is very important to learn genres that you are interested in.

I grew up in Germany where I was classically trained in Piano from the age of 6.

Piano Lesson Prices

Informative piano lessons available as half-hour or hour long sessions. To help you decide what length is best suited to you, please read the information below.

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1/2 Hour Lessons


My half-hour lessons are very suited to younger students who want to learn how to play the piano. I understand that sometimes my younger students prefer to learn in small doses and that is why this is the best option for them.

1 Hour Lessons


My hour-long lessons are by far my most popular option and are suited to anyone with a good drive to learn to play the piano. An hours lesson once per week should be enough to see some great improvement.

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About Your New
Piano Lessons Teacher

High-quality Piano tuition helping you improve your skills rapidly.

I am an experienced player who has been playing since age 6. As well as piano I have taught myself guitar, drums, bass and have used all these skills to write my own music as part of various acts.

I have been teaching piano students privately since 2001, and I also worked for music schools such as Presto Music School and Musical Minds, constantly improving and adapting my teaching skills.

I love to make sure that all of my students enjoy their piano lessons. I find that students who enjoy their lessons tend to improve and learn at a faster rate.

I am very patient and understanding, and would never push someone past their limits, though would be dedicated to helping someone achieve their full potential.

Location of Lessons

I currently take the majority of my lessons from my home teaching space on Croxteth Rd, Liverpool, L8 3SF.

This is a great place to learn as I have created a comfortable learning environment for all of my students to learn.

Local Piano Teacher Tips:

Music Shops in Liverpool:

I am often asked by my piano students what is the best piano shop in Liverpool. This really depends on what the student is looking for. Thankfully Liverpool has some great music stores able to fulfil all the needs of local pianists. From starter pianos to sheet music, these music stores will be able to provide for all your piano needs.

If you are in the market for a new piano then Dawsons Music, located on 14-16 Williamson Street, Liverpool, L1 1EB, has an extensive piano showroom in the basement. It is one of the biggest piano shops in the UK, with a huge stock of well-known piano brands.

Rimmers Music Liverpool offers great pianos to suit every set of budget and needs. All types of piano, from acoustic & digital to different keyboards & accessories, are displayed in the showroom based in Savoy House, West Derby Road Monday, Liverpool, Merseyside, L6 1AE.

If you are interested in renovations & piano tuning services then Fleet’s Piano Shop is a great choice. Fleet's Piano Shop is a very established piano shop located at 1a Vale Road, Crosby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L23 5RY. Founded in 1978 it is a family run business with a caring approach to the piano renovation of all types.

Music Music Venues in Liverpool:

Liverpool has a proud musical city to rival any city in the world. We are very fortunate that this draws in bands from across the globe to perform in Liverpool. It also encourages local bands and artists to continue Liverpool's musical heritage, performing numerous gigs locally. Indeed, we are lucky to have some great music venues in Liverpool.

The Cavern Club is one of the most famous UK music venues where The Beatles started off their story. A great place with live performances on stage every afternoon until late into the evening. The Cavern Club is located at 10 Mathew St, Liverpool, L2 6RE. It is well worth a visit to watch professional musicians hard at work.

O2 Academy Liverpool is a wonderful music venue on 11-13 Hotham Street Liverpool L3 5UF United Kingdom. It is a wonderful place to watch live music in the city. The O2 Academy Liverpool has hosted shows from internationally acclaimed artists, rock legends, indie icons, cutting-edge dance and urban acts. It is a venue that many national and international artists perform at.

For performances from local musicians, the Studio 2 bar on 33-45 Parr Street, (L1 4JN), is fantastic. Hosting many live music & dance performances and is also available for hosting birthday parties. It provides a perfect platform for new artists and bands looking to launch their professional music careers.

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