RSL Teacher Conference 2019

RSL Teacher Conference 2019

RSL would like to extend an invitation for all teachers to attend. Tickets cost £40. If you are interested in attending, visit and fill out the contact form. A member of the RSL team will then contact you when tickets are available.

This year’s conference contains three main topics of discussion:

  • Teaching Technology – UK Education Strategy Manager, Dan Francis will be leading a session with Steinberg to discuss approaches to teaching music technology to groups of students and the tools available to help any musician expand their current teaching repertoire to include technology aspects.
  • Preparing Students for Examinations – Dr Bruce Darlington will discuss common issues examiners might face when preparing students for examination periods. Key areas of focus include interpretation and improvisation pieces with the aim of preparing your student to make the most of their exam.
  • Piano and Keys 2019 – The 2019 Piano and Keys syllabus has been held in great anticipation for some time. The 2019 Teacher Conference attendees will be the first to get insight into the new material on offer for 2019. This will include artists, tracks and more. If you are a piano teacher using RSL grading, this would be a great insight for the next series of graded exams.

The day will contain seminars and engaging workshops lead by leading industry professionals including RSL Examiners, teachers, business entrepreneurs and more. You will have the chance to learn from their experience and expertise first hand.

This conference is also open to non RSL members.

About the Author:

Leigh Fuge is a professional guitarist, tutor and journalist from Wales in the UK. He has been working in the music industry for over 10 years as a touring and studio musician with various artists, guitar tutor and writer for many high profile guitar publications.

He also teachers via the MGR Music platform and helps pair hundreds of high-quality tutors with students around the country.

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